Friday, December 7, 2007

stick a fork in me

I'm done.

So far this morning we have:
been awake since 6am, made breakfast, went out to play in the snow (not much snow... just a dusting. but I wanted the kids out of the house! before 8AM!!), stood in the side yard for 20 minutes waving and watching the garbage man go all the way up and down the street as well as the school bus picking up the kids all along our road, had a snack with hot chocolate, ran to the grocery store for makings of lasagna for neighborhood progressive dinner tonight, went to a second grocery store (honestly, what kind of grocery store doesn't carry ricotta cheese?),and plugged Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer into the dvd player (Savannah's been begging for it for the past three weeks!) so I can have a break.

all before 9AM.

And what I left out of that list was the constant cutting Sawyer off at the pass. Or trying to anyway. He has honestly turned into a full-fledged tear-the-house-apart-boy over the last few weeks. I've been meaning to ask... is this what having a little boy is like?
He is a terror. He is constantly throwing things, ripping things, breaking things, opening things, taking things apart, pulling drawers out, dumping things, climbing things, shoving things, stepping on things (and these things are not always things; they are quite often his sister), need I go on? I'm going crazy. I seriously have to be on top of him all the time. He just walks around looking for trouble.
And when I'm trying to be proactive and keep him involved in toys or appropriate activities, he's still just all about the obnoxious stuff... he can't just play cars, he has to careen them off the table. He can't just build blocks or play kitchen, he has to knock everything down or clear everything off in one fell swoop. He can't just dance to the music, he has to run around flying onto the furniture or body slamming his sister. After he's finished his 30 seconds of drawing, he of course has to roll each crayon or colored pencil one at a time off the table. He's not allowed to play upstairs anymore because whatever he gets his hands on up there ends up over the second story railing onto the floor of our entryway. He dropped a whole apple from the top the other day. That made a nice messy splat on the hardwood floors.
Every evening this week I have been thoroughly exhausted by the time he goes to bed.
Please tell me this is just a phase?....

I feel like I have a ton to get done today, and it's overwhelming with this kid running around.
Here's to Sawyer taking a three hour nap today...

what? a girl can hope can't she??


Tracy said...

ok taking a break from cooking and cleaning.
I have bad news-

**This is only the start of having a boy. Face it they are just geared different but there are great qualities about them. Sammy is as wild as they can get but he is the first to jump up and say "huggies". He is the best snuggler in this house. His hugs just melt my heart. Some days as we walk out of the house to drop him off I feel like I have left a tornado. I have to be careful about leaving any type of ball in the house because for him they are meant to be kicked/thrown. He has never been a kid to sit for hours doing any one thing. Our agenda for Christmas gifts with him is what can we get to help him burn as much energy as possible. Last year it was the pogo stick- great purchase. He wore it out in less than a year. This year we got him hockey stuff. It's all about burning energy.
Good luck!!

JessicaP said...

You just described Hailey to a T! :-) I feel a smaller version of your pain!

I hope your day gets

jenny cook said...

oh i feel your pain. i feel your pain. :)

Nicole said...

I'm with ya, girl. Today we got up at 7:30ish. We ate a little "breakfast on the run" aka... in the living room while I checked email/read blogs. Then, I tried to put together an client album while Porter played only he was into EVERYTHING.... by 9:30am I was trying to get us ready and out the door and by the time we were out the door at 10:30am I swear I had been through a hurricane. Its ridiculous. Boys... oh lord help me with TWO of them. Shit.

kimca01 said...

I hear you - I'd be horrified if anyone dropped by and saw my house right now - it literally looks like we were robbed, there is crap everywhere LOL

Morgan is a tornado of destruction too - sometimes I call him Taz as there is always a flurry of stuff surrounding him. It seems to be only getting worse too!! It wasn't too bad before toys entered the game and now, well I have a huge cut on my foot from the digger I stepped on a few days ago.

It's definately a boy thing - my friends with girls have much tidier houses HAHA

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