Saturday, December 8, 2007

ah... silence

I was awakened this morning by my two year old and it was heaven. Am I normally thrilled to see my toddler wide awake and ready to go at minutes after 7 in the morning? No. Well, actually yes, considering this normally happens in the six o'clock hour, but that's not the point.
The point is that it was my sweet baby that wakened us today and not the loud rumbly truck next door. Every morning during the week, at the house across the street on the side of our house, the truck is started in the morning... and left to sit in the driveway "warming up" for an obscene amount of time. This is not just a quiet car, mind you. This is an older Ford, probably around an early nineties F150. And being that it's across from that side of our house, it sounds as if it's rumbling right outside our bedroom wall. I hear it start in the morning and it just sits there rumbling... and rumbling and rumbling and rumbling. It's the kind of sound that at 6 :30 in the morning just grates on my nerves. Probably only because it seems like it will never stop.
Because when I say it runs for an obscene amount of time I am not exaggerating.
I specifically timed it twice this week just because I wanted to know if my nerves were overreacting. Now you tell me... how long would you let your car run in the morning? (and would this answer change if it was a noisy truck growling out there?) 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 15 minutes perhaps??

What about 45-60???
Earlier this week the truck was started at precisely 6:28AM. It then continued to run until he left for work at 7:06AM. 38 minutes.
And yesterday? Started at exactly 6:20AM and ran until 7:07 once again. Then the truck was turned off (?!), I heard nothing for 7 minutes, it was started up again at 7:14 and drove away at 7:17. Don't ask me. My point is, that truck sat in the driveway with it's engine running for 47 minutes!!! Someone started their truck and didn't leave for work until three minutes short of one hour later! How is that okay?? Who does that? I mean, we're not talking a foot of snow on the ground, must melt and scrape your vehicle kind of mornings here... it might be 32*, but it's mostly clear and dry outside! Running for 47 MINUTES!!

I don't know why this bothers me so, but I just get out of bed unreasonably irritated because of it. I know it's dumb, but humor me... am I being silly or would you also want to just go siphon all the gas out of a certain neighborhood vehicle?

In other news... the neighborhood (the truck people are not part of this social circle) Progressive Dinner last night was AWESOME! If you're not familiar with the term progressive dinner, it's where everyone goes from house to house for a big fun dinner with each stop serving one course of the meal. First house might be drinks and appetizers, next house soups and salads, next house main dishes, final house coffee and desserts, with about an hour at each. We had a huge group (15 adults), tons of kids (18 total), a surprise visit from Santa at one house, and tonnnns of great food. Way too much food!! It was a fabulous time and I hope we can do this a few times a year.

Well, today we're off to get our Christmas tree... wish us luck!

What are you all up to this weekend??


K.M. Laughlin said...

We were supposed to have our school holiday party tonight, but we cancelled it b/c of the weather. I'm kindof bummed because I planned it all, but want people to be safe we are rescheduling it for Friday after school. Mike's working and I'm baking (I know...that's a shock!) and wrapping a few presents. :)

JessicaP said...

You should print off some information about how bad it is for the enviroment to let your car idle and then leave it on the windsheild of the truck...and if they still do it, I would print off articles about "nosie pollution" and leave those...LOL.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea about the progressive dinner! If I lived in a nice neighborhood that would be fun to organize. But, I don't. haha.
I understand EXACTLY what you mean about the truck!! We had the same kind of thing when we lived in apartments. There was a parking lot near our bedroom window (ugh) and this one particular guy would leave his beater truck running FOREVER, between 5am and 6am. I thought the same things you do - is it REALLY necessary to let it run THAT long!? Here's hoping for more quiet mornings!

mom said...

I think Jessica P has the right idea. 'Til then,set your alarm to wake you with some pleasant music BEFORE the truck can wake you.Then just lay in bed and relax.Remember that you are very happy in your neighborhood,and be thankful.XOXOX

Annie said...

Since you're planning to be there for a while, I'd choose the more direct approach and nicely go over and explain that you/your kids wake up b/c the truck is right outside your house. Ask him nicely if he could start it closer to 10-15 min before he has to leave. He probably isn't trying to be rude, he's just clueless and not a great planner. I think annonymous notes are silly & could hurt their feelings (especially since it sounds like they aren't included in the "neighborhood posse"). Or it could piss them off - either way - I vote direct!

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