Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas according to Savannah

Guess who Santa brought a new camera??

She has been snapping away all morning. Already filled up the memory card twice. We may have an honest to goodness photographer on our hands too... she was actually "arranging" shots, clearing out things she didn't want in the shot and positioning things just so. She took a picture of our Santa cup and plate and then stopped, rearranged it, and shot it again. Turning the camera all different angles and everything. Too funny!
These were some of her favorite pics and asked if I could share them on the computer. Her new Nutcracker (yes, she asked for this!!), of course a bunch of her kitty, her brother, her elephants, me taking pictures of the kids taking pictures, her favorites from her stocking, her new paper dolls, and her goofy dad.


Nicole said...


Gramma G said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas ! Glad Savannah is helping to capture it all on film. What does Sawyer think of taking pictures ??? XOXOXO

K.M. Laughlin said...

Those are too cute!!!

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