Sunday, December 23, 2007

presenting SJ's program

I did want to share a couple of pics from Savannah's preschool Christmas program last week before the holiday gets away from us. Both for the grandmas and for my scrapbooking archives....

Savannah did awesome!! She was up there smiling and singing away. They have a great music teacher this year and they sang a lot of fun songs to which Savannah remembered all the words and all the motions... she rang her bells, danced with her scarves, played her instrument, and I could hear her singing loud and clear! So proud!

Here are a few shots of the afternoon show:


Gramma/Grampa G said...

Yeah Savannah! Looks like you did an awesome job! Wish we could have seen it.XOXOXOXXO

Debbie Sanders said...

Wow, Savannah! Ditto, wish we could have been there in person to see that -- you looked like you really did great. We could tell even by the photos! How looked like you had lots of fun & were so proud of your great accomplishment. Congratulations, super performer!
We love and miss you! Merry, merry Christmas and Joyous Noel.....
Gramma Debbie/Grampa Andy

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