Thursday, November 15, 2007


I think we're really going for it.
The potty-training, that is.
Sawyer's gone pee-pee!! in the paw-eee!! three times in the last 24 hours. Twice yesterday afternoon and first thing this morning. He's quite proud of himself and even wanted to call Ryan (who had just moments earlier left for work) this morning on the phone and announce the news of yet another successful potty trip. pee-pee!!!!... paw-eee!!!!
I can tell he's really thinking about it now... he's actually stopping to think about whether or not he needs to go when I ask him and he concentrates on trying when he's sitting in there. After he goes he stands up with his arms straight up above his head and yells "pee-pee!!!!" like it's a touchdown or something. And then he runs around wanting high fives and "knuckle knocks" from everyone in the house. Cats included.

So I made a stop at Target this morning while we were out and grabbed some Pull-ups and M&M's. I figure if he's taking it this far, I might as well run with it. We'll see what happens.

Oh yeah. Still no laptop. And no heat in the basement, so this is about as lengthy as my stays at this computer down here are going to be. I'll try and get a TFT up today though, so stay tuned...


GrammaG said...

Yeah Sawyer!!!Do it for the ducks!

Amy said...

best of luck!

jenny said...

good luck! i'm scared to begin potty training! how old is sawyer? maybe you guys will be my inspiration. eeek!

Christina said...

That's great! We used Gerber training underpants, kind of thicker than average underpants and let Emilio choose fun underpants (Elmo, Thomas, Shrek) to put over the top so he felt like a big boy. The thicker underpants caught some of the mess during accidents but still helped him feel it more than I think pull ups do. I say go for the gusto now, there's no turning back as my mom gently reminded me while we stayed at home for a week when Emilio was training. Also, Emilio didn't like peeing on Elmo and realized it was best to go in the potty. Anyway, hope things keep going smoothly for you. Great milestone to get through for sure.

Nicole said...

Yay Sawyer!!!

Get him potty trained so he can train Porter next month HAHA!

Christy said...

Wooo Whoo!! That is one part of parenting I will not be looking forward to! Go S man! Hope the m&m's work! Girls are always easier- they want to wear "pretty panties".

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