Thursday, November 15, 2007

my turn for tft

yes, I do have thoughts on thursdays, or at least on some thursdays. and since heather is on tft hiatus i will step in this week.
i had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with don about something that might be tft worthy. it was about how we have been out of college for over 8 years and that i still have and wear (and love) clothes that i got during college. but the problem is bigger than that. the only thing that i get new on a regular basis is socks. i do get a few polo shirts or short sleeve button down shirts that i wear to work but other than that i really only replace something when it absolutely wears out...and it sometimes takes a while for me to come to grips with the fact that they are indeed completely worn out.
the whole reason is not that i just like these old clothes but is also that most of the clothing budget, which isn't that big, goes to the ones that are actually outgrowing their clothes... savannah and sawyer. it seems that every time we are at the store we are replacing a necessity for the kids that has been outgrown.
so besides replacing anything that i purchased last millennium, when are clothes too old to wear anymore? (and for extra credit you can look into your closet and figure out what is your oldest item of clothing and share it with me, i still have stuff that i know that i wore in 1996...and it still looks good!)


Jessica said...

Well, Ryan...At least you have a good reason for not buying new clothes (the kids needing them more, which of course is so true!)...My Ryan has shirts hanging in the closet from high school that he wears not because he won't buy new ones...but because his high school ones are finally "broken in"! :-)

Tracy said...

Are you kidding? You need to discuss w/ Jeff his clothing budget. He loves his clothes (now don't tell him I said this)
Now I will give him credit that he needs to dress nice for work but come on. He loves his shoes even more :)
I don't think Jeff keeps anything old in his side of the closet. He continuously cleans out his stuff.It drives me nuts that he gets rid of nice stuff.

Now I have my favorite college tshirts that I will still wear around the house. I have the Halloween tshirt from our first date in 1989. I think Jeff has his for sentimental reasons but I still love mine. I also have a favorite comfy sweatshirt probably from our first year of marriage in 94. He keeps threatening to throw it out.

heather said...

Well I was going to say "it's a guy thing", but Tracy threw that off.

I think for the most part, it is more because guys' fashion doesn't change like womens' do, and let's not even get into the fact that us girls are usually much more, um, shall we say "fluctuating" with our shape as women. And for us that have had babies... come on, that's a given. I don't know how many of my favorite clothes I've had to have given up just because my hips are permanently wider or my shirts don't fit the way they should anymore. My kids are the reason most of my closet (or what I can wear anyway) is pretty recent.

So I had to go look at my closet. The only clothes in there I've found from more than five years ago are a few comfy sweatshirts I will never give up and two t-shirts from almost 15 years ago... one from working at Great Harvest Bread Co. and one high school senior class t-shirt. It's my favorite paint shirt now, btw.

Good topic Ryan;I'm curious if most guys out there are more on your end of wearing things until they literally fall. a. part.

Ryan said...

i did forget to mention the 7 year old pair of shorts that i refuse to get rid of that i have handsewn back together in about 8 to 10 places. the first time i sewed the holes together i actually used the correct color of thread, but i has gone down hill since then. i think that i only have the pink thread left in my free sewing kit that i got at some hotel somewhere. hopefully i don't get any more holes.

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

I don't have a t-shirt that isn't 5 years or older. Seriously! I only wear them to bed and if no one else sees me but my partner, who cares? Some have holes in the arm piits or are so worn-thin and stretched out, i don't care!!
But everything else in my normal wardrobe gets rotated out after about 2-3 years.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I Christmas gift idea. Ryan needs a new sewing kit!!!

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, my hubby is in the same boat as you! He still has tshirts from his high school football days, which are at least 11 years old, assuming he got them senior year (most likely not and are older). I seriously want to toss them, they are gross. I on the other hand don't have many old things. I've been pregnant too much to hang onto one thing for too long (fluctuating sizes and boredom). I say toss it and treat yourself, for real.

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