Wednesday, November 7, 2007

home alone

Well not really alone, considering the kids are asleep upstairs. But Ryan's out playing soccer tonight, so I'm here by my lonesome. I really should be upstairs uncovering our bed from piles and piles of folded laundry so we have somewhere to sleep tonight. But here I sit blog browsing.

I also have some new projects to get started on. The kids and I made our rounds today to JoAnn's and Michaels for "ingredients" to get a head start on some Christmas presents. Lots of stuff on my list to make this year, so I really should be priming things for painting, or cutting fabric for creating. But here I sit blogging.

Whew. My kids wore me out today. Starting with my early risers rising ridiculously early (yes, still. thank you Daylight savings). We had our nice warm muffin breakfast and straightened up the house a bit. I was supposed to watch Lucy this morning for a bit, but she woke up with a fever this morning, so she didn't come over. As soon as I found that out, I bundled the kids into the car and headed out for some errands and the craft stores. We were out the entire morning. Then we ran home and had a good lunch and got them down for naptime nicely.

I should have known I was in for it when Savannah would pop out of her room every five minutes to ask me a question. Then sure enough, Sawyer decided to wake up after only an hour of sleep. It was one fifteen, people. He's normally in bed until around three o'clock. Ugh.
Sawyer dearest... I don't appreciate seeing you at five in the morning. And if I do, since you so adamantly enjoy being awake at that time these days, I certainly think the least you can do is keep a normal naptime. An extra two hours in the morning and an extra two hours during the day of go, go, go? That's too much face time for me my friend! I love you kid, but that's a little too much of the SawDude for me!

The afternoon pretty much went downhill from there.
Remember how I said Sawyer hadn't so much as eaten crumbs for the past month or so? Well, I guess all I had to do was complain loud enough, because suddenly in the last 24 hours, he's gone from eating nothing at all to wanting to eat constantly. Which is fine and dandy. I'm glad he's putting food in his mouth again, and I'm offering him filling and mostly healthy snacks throughout the day. But he's constantly at the pantry or in the fridge asking for more granola bars or cheese sticks or yogurt or apples or bagels or pretzels or muffins or whatever he can get his hands on. And then about an hour and a half before meals, I cut him off. After all, he's still picky when it comes to sitting at the table with us, and I want him to eat at least some of what is on his plate. But he spends that last hour and a half crying and whining at me..." nack! eeese!! nack! eeeese!!" (snack! please!! if you're wondering) because you know, please always gets you what you want.

I can child-lock our pantry doors, but he can open the fridge, so anytime he was out of my sight, I would come in to find him fishing out yogurt or cheese or leftovers, or climbing up on the counter and bringing me bananas. And I'd put it all right back, or shoo him out of the kitchen, or keep handing him his cup of water, and he would get so gosh. darn. mad! Crying and whining and even yelling and sulking and running off to cry into the couch cushion. So we had a nice time from about 3:30 to 5 o'clock.

Needless to say, he wasn't the happiest camper, which of course meant he and Savannah were getting along smashingly all afternoon. After a particularly big spat they both got sent to their rooms for some time to cool off. Savannah decided not to cool off so much as to throw a giant fit over that, so she was in there for quite some time. Ryan got home about 4:15 and Savannah was up in her room screaming, Sawyer was following me around the house crying because I just threw him out of the fridge again, and I bet by that point I was a pretty sight.

Thankfully, they were better after that. A little anyway. We had a good dinner, some good story times, a good bathtime, and of course another snack time before bed. (Sawyer ate yet another Bran muffin again, still letting out a bright and happy Yu-um!! with every bite. Makes me laugh!)
During this little last snack time just before bed, Savannah decided to top the night off by cracking her head on the tile floor. She was wearing socks. Socks with no grippys on the tile floor. She was skipping happily from the living room to the kitchen to have her bedtime muffin, when her first step onto the tile flew right out from under her, landing her flat on her back and smacking the back of her head on the ceramic tile with a huge crack. It wasn't even a thud. It was a crack.
She of course started screaming, Ryan scooped her up and I got some ice. She cried hard and loud for a long time. She was holding her hands over her eyes and in between cries, she just kept saying over and over, "why did I do that? why does my forehead hurt so much?". She was pretty freaked out. She must have hit pretty hard to have a whole-head headache so quickly.
I was kind of worried.
But she calmed down, and aside from being pale and red eyed from crying, she was okay. She went to bed with a nice sized lump on the back of her head though. Poor girl.

So now my house is trashed, I have a sink full of dishes, and a bed full of laundry to put away, as well as a handful of other projects calling my name. But still I sit here and blog.
And I think today that's okay.


Mom/Gramma G said...

We are happy to hear that Sawyer is eating again.He has been in our prayers.Grammpa even asked a friend to pray(Brian).Seems it worked! :)Poor Savannah. Those floors are sooo hard. Sure glad she is OK. XOXOXOXOX

Tracy said...

Sounds like a busy day.
Glad to hear Savannah is ok.
We will be here tomorrow hanging out. Sammy is off school and has a buddy coming over. Sophie would love to play w/ Savannah.

Tracy said...

Sounds like a busy day.
Glad to hear Savannah is ok.
We will be here tomorrow hanging out. Sammy is off school and has a buddy coming over. Sophie would love to play w/ Savannah.

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