Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been feeling super guilty about my photo situation lately. In all aspects. My photo blog, my photo albums, printing out pictures in general...
I'm just so lazy about them, it's crazy. And I don't understand it because I love, love, love pictures and their place in our lives. The pictures I have of my kids and of my family are one of the most important things to me. I love looking at them and having them around us. I could look at photo albums forever.
I've decided the least I can do is get the kids' Birthday Books (they each have a book -a few pages dedicated to their first birthday and then a layout a year for each birthday touching on the basics and a few pics and memorabilia from that day... who was there, where we were, favorite gifts, party invitation, etc. plus a rundown of who they are that year: favorites and habits and hobbies and such.) and our Anniversary Book (a recap of our life and our marriage each year; covering where we live, where we've been, romantic moments, major milestones, just pics and journaling to remember specific things that make up our life as the years go by.) up to date by the end of this year. I'm currently three years behind on our Anniversary Book, and well, let's just say the Birthday Books aren't much better. I think that's a reasonable goal though. Manageable, and enough to get me motivated to put more of a dent in the back log of hundreds of pictures I have sitting on my hard drive.

Also, my photo blog. I have been a serious slacker over there. Not only am I missing more and more days, but when I do actually take pictures these days, I feel like they're just random snapshots of my kids or else of food. I can blame the food part of that on my meals and menu blog.
Anyway, I was scrolling back through my Year Long Photo Album and looking at pictures from throughout this year. I was really good about taking shots everyday, and even pretty good about getting creative with those shots. And you'd think that after I got my new camera, I would have been more excited about taking more pictures; practicing and learning and playing around. But no.
I have some great favorites from those pages earlier this year... capturing moments like this, or remembering things like this, or catching smiles like this, pouts like this, or just fun shots like this or this. It was really fun looking through them all, day by day. And that's what I wanted that blog for... for the different perspective on what's going on in our daily lives. The simple pictures and reflections on the blessings of the day.
And then I look at more recently, September. I only published 11 photos in September. And that was all put up on one day. Sure, I played catch-up on some pictures, but I only made it a priority to take the time to organize my pictures, organize my thoughts and make a point of finding the special parts of the day, 1 day. And that makes me kind of sad. Because that's missing a lot in between. I looooved going through the older pictures. They really made me smile. And it's motivated me to get back into the groove again. Sure I'm busy, but there's no reason I can't take 30 seconds to snap a picture of something funny or touching or ordinary or sweet or silly or even yummy that's a part of my day that day.

So yeah. Here's my recommitment to a photo a day. I have a little over two months left in this year, and I want to do my best in documenting that. Go on over there for me, check out a few pictures, and keep checking back to keep me motivated and accountable.


Amy said...

I hear you on the photo slacking. I need to jump back into it. Good luck with yours. =)

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