Tuesday, October 23, 2007

brownie anyone?

Last night I put the kids to bed I hadn't even got the kids in bed yet, and in between picking up toys and getting them into the tub and getting them into bed, I HAD TO make a batch of brownies. And eat half of the batter. I'm not even exaggerating. Half. I was desperate. Rough evening.

The good news is that after I ate all that batter I didn't even eat any of the finished brownies. The bad news is that today I broke down and bought a bag of Kit-Kat's at Target this morning (why do they have to have ALL that Halloween candy in our face all the time??) and have already opened and devoured four of them. The good news is that I still haven't cut into the brownies and it's almost 3:30 PM. The bad news is that now that I remembered they're there, I can't stop thinking about them and I'm certain they will not be here long. Can we say stressful eating???

After a break, I'm back. Yes I did eat a brownie. I took a picture and then ate one. Only one. And then I had to get out of the house before I finished the whole pan.

Still loving this fall weather! Although the wind could die down a bit (it's been super windy ever since our storm last week) it's been bright and warm and sunny. The weekend was awesome. Yesterday was gray and rainy, but today it's back to bright blue skies and barely a cloud in sight.

We got a new playset for our backyard this past weekend. Our neighbors bought a great big new one, so they passed their old one on to our yard. The guys moved it over here Sunday afternoon and it's just the right size for our little yard! Ryan's going to work on it a bit to straighten it up, but the kids love it and it's perfect for them! I only snapped a couple of pics of them outside just as we finished putting it together. And after looking at them I realize all I got was a bunch of backsides:

We spent a lot more time outside today too; it was gorgeous out!! By the time I thought to get my camera out, the kids had migrated to the front yard to ride bikes in the driveway. Sawyer found his basketball hoop in the garage (which was unburied this weekend after a big garage clean up finally -yay!) and scrambled for a ball and then spent about 30 minutes doing this:

(yes, that ball was flat, if you're wondering why it looks like a green moon with the craters in it)

I was impressed that he spent that much time when the hoop is so obviously high for him. He actually made a handful of shots to both his and my great surprise!! I think we have a baller on our hands.

Speaking of ball, Sawyer's new obsession? Golf balls. It's all we hear about all day, "my gaw baw!". He walks around the house with his little plastic ones, he takes them in the car with him, he even took one into the dance school with us today for Savannah's class. And if ever we're playing outside, the first thing he asks for is one of Daddy's real golf balls (then he's in heaven!) to throw around, hit around, carry around, just all around love I guess. He absolutely loves hitting that golf ball around. We may have to get him some real clubs if this keeps up.

This picture cracks me up...
reminds me of Lord Of The Rings;
like he's saying, "My Precious...."


Ashley said...

Your kids never look "undone" in any of the pictures I see of them! In other words, they are so well dressed and clean all the time :) You must be supermom!
Mmmmmmm those brownies look tempting...

Nicole said...

2 Questions: Where are Sawyer's jeans from? Where do you get all these cute t-shirts? (Not that P needs more shirts... but.... you know me....). I guess it'd help if I actually went into stores other than Target, right?

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