Friday, October 19, 2007

yay for friday!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi since we have a little stuff going on here and there this weekend. It's supposed to be beautiful weather, we have guests tonight, after we send them off tomorrow Ryan has a golf tournament in the afternoon, and Sunday so far is a free for all. I'm hoping to all get out to a pumpkin patch or Grant's Farm or take the kids for a little putt-putt golf or something fun. Possibly with the Laughlins? It'd be nice to hang with them a bit.

Drama last night. Or should I say Trauma. Savannah's beloved Lammie is missing. And it is driving me crazy, because she has to be in this house but we cannot find her... the only place we went yesterday was to school, and I know for a fact she didn't leave the house with us. But I still checked the car twice anyway. Ryan and I spent about an hour at bedtime last night searching the house. Neither Savannah or I can remember the last time we saw her, except that I don't remember seeing her all day. We basically tore apart Savannah's bed looking, dug through the laundry (which there is not much of right now), and the thing is, is that our house is actually very clean right now. All week the house has been very picked up and we've been quite on top of all of our "chores"! So. How does a stuffed little lamb just disappear?
Savannah had quite the time going to sleep last night. Actually she was very brave, considering she honestly hasn't slept a night without that thing in four years. At least she still has her blanket.

Let's see... seems like there was something else I was going to make a note of. Of course I can't remember it now.
I need to get going and give the bathrooms a good once over today before our overnight guests arrive. And then I'm throwing our yummy Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crockpot for dinner tonight with the Robertsons, the Malones and the Malones. I was going to make corn muffins to go along with it, but I'm feeling in the fallish-homemade bread mood, so I was thinking I might try this super easy beer bread instead.
Mmmm... homemade soup and bread and lots of friends on a great Fall Friday!

And I'm trying to decide on dessert. Hmm... how about introducing our friends to our new kitties and then offering this for dessert???!!! YUM!

Happy Friday y'all!
What are your plans for the weekend?

*ETA: We found Lammie two whole days later... Sawyer had shoved her waaay back in one of the wine rack spots... so even when I glanced in that shelf I didn't see her... she would probably still be there if he hadn't reached back in to get her... reaching all the way in to his shoulder!


K.M. Laughlin said...

We can try to go to the Pumpkin patch Sunday morning....would that work? We'd love to see you guys!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Saturdays: 10 am - 10 pm
Sundays: 2 pm - 6 pm

This is when the Callaway Farms pumpkin patch is open....maybe we could do Saturday afternoon/evening/night too.
You can check it out at

I'll try to give you a call tonight!

Tracy said...

I have made that beer bread recipe and it's super easy. It was always a favorite of Jeff's college buddies when they would pop over for dinner. I need to make it again.
Have fun!

kimca01 said...

Is the shredded chicken in the tortilla soup supposed to be cooked first? Do you shred it yourself or buy it that way? Fill me in, I need details!

heather said...

yes, cooked first.
I cook it myself... Wednesday we had grilled basil and lemon chicken, so while Ryan grilled those up, I threw the extra chicken on there to cook so it would be ready to go this morning. Normally, when I don't plan ahead like that, I just poach it on the stove. Although the shredding was much easier this time with cold chicken than with it hot from the stove! (I use two forks to shred it up, but end up using my fingers more than the forks.)
I've never looked, but I'm sure they probably do have cooked shredded chicken ready to go for you in the stores somewhere... I mean, if they have diced ham and shredded pork, I'm sure someone has thought to do the chicken too!

I'm not a big soup person, and I'm usually not a fan of "mexican" food, but I love this soup!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That cake is sooo funny! If you actually served it you will have to post reviews! Looked like an actual litter box :)


Kristyn said...

Any chance I can get the info on how to make peanut butter playdough? I remember seeing it on here and thought Cloey would have fun with it. My email is cloeybird @ hotmail . com(no spaces) if you don't mind.

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