Wednesday, October 24, 2007

for Ashley

regarding the comment about my kids being so well dressed and presentable and never looking "undone"...
Haha! This is Sawyer falling apart this morning when I wouldn't let him eat a third(!) banana. You probably can't see it in the picture, but there are two full-on rivers of snot running from his nose.
I also thought the t-shirt was fitting considering Ashley's comment ;)

And for more on being well dressed...

This is the norm on a day when Savannah picks her own outfit. Which is the norm for not a school or church day.
What is it that you were saying about well dressed Ash? haha!
Thanks for the compliment though!

Speaking of well dressed kids, guess what I did today? I entered my kids in the Gap Casting Call. First contest Sawyer has ever been in (Savannah was in a cutest baby contest when she was five weeks old at a Steps for Life event).

Ryan prompted me to take action after seeing my latest favorite pic of Sawyer:
He said that after putting that picture on his desktop and staring at it all day, he had come to the conclusion that if ever our kids needed a headshot for modeling tryouts, that was it! lol!
Then I happened to mention that Gap was in fact having their casting call right now and he said I should enter that shot just for kicks. So I did. Plus two more of him, and two of Savannah.

Here's the gallery if you're interested in the rest of our competition. The contest ends today. I think it might be a voting contest. I haven't read it all through, so if it is a voting thing, I'll let you know so that you can help me brainwash the judges into believing my kids are the best GapKids!. I'll check it out and keep you posted.


Annie said...

Hey Heather! It's good to know there are other kids besides mine who eat multiple bananas in a sitting. :) I entered a couple pics of Cade and Callum in the gap contest as well. Just for fun! I'll try to check and see if the pics of Sav and Saw are posted yet. I hope the gallery is up for a while.

Nicole said...

What a perfect picture! The lighting is... perfect. Let me guess... taken in the playroom, with the door to the foyer behind him?

LeeAnn said...

What a great Gap-py picture to put in!!! I will so vote for this if it becomes available!!
What a cute kid.. What other pictures did you enter in the contest?

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