Thursday, September 27, 2007

think think think

I got nothin'.

I suppose I could take a topic from another Thoughts for Thursday post and run with it on my own, but even that seems like too much work today. I'm feeling brain lazy.

I've sat down a few times to start a post today and I keep erasing everything I start.
All I have going through my head are completely random no-brainer things... to-do lists, weekend plans, paint colors, picking tile for our fireplace reface... A whole lot of nothin'. I'm just not in a very thoughtful mood this Thursday.
I keep thinking, however, that there has been a lull in our collective Thursday Thoughts for a few weeks now and we need to get this train back on the track! Right girls?? (hint: this is where you get to your own blog and whip out a post of your own!) So I'll give it a try.


How 'bout them Rams?
Just kidding.

...(tapping fingers on keyboard)....

See? I really am at a loss. Imagine that... me, at a loss for blog words. HA!

How about you talk and I listen.
Here's a question for you...
Have you ever played matchmaker? And been successful?
Have you ever broken up a relationship or intervened when it needed help?


LeeAnn said...

I can't say that I have played matchmaker and have it be a success. But my friend Steve played matchmaker with Tony and I and obviously it is a success. Although knowing Tony in High School for 3 years before dating, I didn't know that he had a thing for me. Not until his best friend Steve told me. Tony maybe wasn't too happy at the time that Steve told me. But look how it ended up. We are still great friends with Steve and you can bet that he still refers himself as The MatchMaker.

Christina said...

Actually I have played matchmaker with my bro Michael and his wife Emily actually. I was a dance camp instructor at the U of P 8 years ago and Emily and I were roommates. We hit it off right away...we had our faith in common, dance of course, and were just kindrid spirits. I kept in touch with her over the year and then we were rommates again the next summer again (we requested to be since we were friends). Anyway, I remember asking her about her b-day for some reason and she said it was Sept 11th, and I told her that was my brother's b-day as well. Then, I got a thought!!! I introduced them and they traded emails, and the rest is history. They got married 3 months after John and I, and will celebrate their 5 anniversary next Friday! And, since we just moved to WA, I only live 15 minutes from them now and we hang out all the time since she's a mommy too. I may have helped the process along, but I think God really worked in this situation. I sometimes still can't believe that my brother married one of my closest friends. It is awesome!

jennycook said...

i played matchmaker with my brother-in-law once. i set him up with a great friend of mine who thought he was hot when she saw his picture at my house one night. they dated for a while and he was smitten (as was she), but it didn't last (long story). to this day, i think he still thinks about her. i very well think that relationship could have turned into a lot more. after that, i haven't had much luck with any other matchmaking.

Kelly said...

I played matchmaker for some friends once. They were both perfect for each other. They dated for awhile and then he messed up and that was the end. I still think about what a perfect life they would have had.

Amy said...

Played matchmaker for two of my friends who didn't know each other prior to my introduction. Two years later, they are still together =) I guess great things can happen!

Kristi Sauer said...

Never played matchmaker :(

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