Friday, September 28, 2007

friday drive-by

Friday Drive-By.
Get it?
Drive-by? Bullet points?

Just random thoughts on a random kind of day...

  • I cannot believe it's Friday already! Seriously, where did the week go?
  • So glad new episodes of The Office started up again last night. I've been waiting all week for that. And for ER. One good part of Central time... ER is on at 9pm here!!
  • New blogs I'm excited about! Nicole started a book blog (for children's books as well as adults I think), and the one I'm super super excited about: Kara started a collaboration blog for pooling holiday ideas!! Recipes, decorating ideas, costume ideas, traditions, teacher gift ideas, school party treats, all of my favorite things!! So excited to read all the goodies on there!
  • Speaking of holidays, I got some fall decorations up today. And carved a couple of potpourri pumpkin burners... I cleaned out a few tiny, mini baking pumpkins, I put cute polka dots "vents" in them with an apple corer and then rubbed cinnamon and other spices onto the lid. I put one in the kitchen with cloves stuck under the lid instead of rubbing the spices. Light a tea light candle, and you've got a little homemade incense burner!
  • This weekend we're having our first game night since we moved here! Okay, so it's going to be really laid back with only a couple of friends, but hey, it's a start! Time to get back in the habit!
  • So nice that it's cooling off a bit now... it's still been upper 80's during the day, but it's finally cooling off nicely at night and we're actually able to open our windows! Can you believe this is the first time since we moved here in June that we have been able to open any windows in our house? Also the first time our thermostat has read anything below 76 degrees (and that was always with the a/c on by the way!).
  • Savannah is loving her school! There is actually another Savannah in her class. I never would have thought when we named her Savannah four and a half years ago, that she would end up with another Savannah in the same preschool class. And there are only 10 kids in her class! Remember last year how her class was all boys (only five girls in a class of 16)? Well so far this year it's switched; only 2 boys and 8 girls!
  • A couple of decisions our household is contemplating this weekend that I will later be asking your advice for: choosing tile for redoing our fireplace, paint colors, and halloween costumes for the kids. Stay tuned.


Tracy said...

We are doing a Halloween theme with the 2 girls. This is my first year I can't get Sammy on board with them. I'm so bummed but I guess 6 year olds have their own ideas. Sophie is going to be Glinda, the good witch. Lucy will be Dorothy. I thought it would be cute if I could convince Sammy to be one of the other characters. It sounds like Batman is it for him. I need to get started on the halloween costumes. I love making them!! I also need to get started on the decorations. My mom is wanting to decorate when she is out watching Lucy.
If I get motivated enough I may try to do a make and take holiday deal with some friends. I would have the stuff here to make it and show everyone how to do it. Everyone would leave with something they created. I love the holidays!

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

did you really take a picture of your thermostat? You're awesome.

MacKenzie Leigh said...

I love your pumpkin potpourri's. Such a sweet idea. Not to mention they look really cool. :)

Kristi Sauer said...

The holiday/seasonal idea blog sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Annie said...

I like your pumpkin idea - very cute! Do they really make the room smell nice too? Also, maybe the AC isn't working too well?? THat counds pretty warm!

Angelique said...

I LOVE the pumpkin idea! I may have to borrow that idea! Even if I dont make the potpourri's----I wanna polka dot pumkin now! :O)

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