Monday, September 24, 2007

so maybe my kids don't hate each other

It's just the walls closing in on them.

We got another one of those little "welcome wagon" packets in the mail the other day... you know, the one with all the coupons and ads of local businesses. There was, with the Lowe's ad/coupon and the painting page, a short blurb about paint colors and the mood/feeling of your rooms. I always think that stuff is interesting. And since I'm kind of at a loss of what color to do the rest of our unpainted rooms at the moment, I did a little more research.

Currently our playroom is painted a very bright yellow. At first I hated it, but with all the fun colors in the playroom and the posters I put on the walls, the yellow make-over became pretty low on the to-do list. It worked for now, and I didn't mind it so much anymore.
Then I read a bunch of articles about room color and how it affects your mood.
Turns out that while yellow is a fun and cheery color to brighten up a room, guess what? It's also the color that tends to create feelings of frustration and anger in people. People are more likely to lose their tempers in a yellow room and babies cry more in a yellow room. Perfect for my kids' playroom, no?
I think we're going to change that one lickety split.

Here are a few of the articles I found...
Room Color and How It Affects Your Mood
Interior Wall Colors and Your Mood
Color By Mood
Choosing Colors to Affect Mood
and this was kind of fun: Select a Mood

We all know red is energetic, but did you know it actually raises your heart rate and your adrenaline. A deep crimson red can actually make people feel irritable and invoke feelings of rage and hostility.
Interesting, as I've known quite a few people who have painted their kitchens/family rooms yellow and red (together) and that room has turned out to be the "hot spot" of their house. Lots of fighting and arguing and irritating each other in those rooms. Coincidence??

Our family room/kitchen area is painted a dark Taupe and there is an Apple Green wall in the kitchen. Supposedly the green is calming and welcoming, as well as being known for increasing appetite. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. The appetite stimulant doesn't seem to be working on my kids anyway.

The kids' bedrooms are a light Taupe and a deep Periwinkle purplish/blue. Looks like according to research those are good restful colors for bedrooms. Yay me!

So now I have a guest room and our bedroom to paint. I've been picturing our room being a deep gray/blue, but I don't want it to be too cool or dreary. I think there's enough light in there to combat that. I have no idea on the guest room. It too is an ugly yellow right now. I have nothing against yellow... there are very many yellow rooms I've seen and loved. The yellows in this house though, are just odd colors. Not soothing.

Our dining room is an okay color for now, as far as neutral goes. I'll probably just put that off until I come across just the right color. Or get a design together in there.

And then the playroom. I'm at a loss for a color in there. I'd still like it to be bright and fun. Maybe a deep orange? A fun green? Not sure which direction to go with in there.
All I know is I'm staying away from the bright yellow and the red, because my kids don't need any encouragement to whine and cry and lose their tempers!!

What are your favorite colors in your house?


Tracy said...

You know the bright colors over here :) Our house is very bright yellow and orange. I had wanted the lime green but was talked into the yellow. I like it but still need to get new furniture.
I need to redo Sophie's room theme but the walls are staying pink. I mentioned to her a pink cowgirl room and she loved it. Now I can't find the stuff I want for it. I wanted to avoid the regular princess room. I may have to push her in the direction of the ballerina room.
Sammy's sports room is in the half finished phase. His room color is blue and tan. Lucy's room needs to be redone. I never fell in love with her nursery colors and all. I need to redo it to make it fit her personality. This is definetly something to think about. I used to teach my high school interior design students about colors and moods. It seems like a lifetime ago since I have done this.

Nicole said...

Interesting!!! Our kitchen used to be bright yellow, then it was a burnt orange color, and now its tan like the living room. Our bathroom... sage-y green. Our room: tan/brownish. P's room: brown and green and a navy stripe. Playroom.... AHHHCK! YELLOW! HAHA. I haven't noticed a ton of crying in our playroom, though. OH, wasn't your last playroom yellow too?

Heather S. said...

We have mostly taupe in our house - various shades of taupe. Our dining room is a dark green and I don't really love it. Interestingly enough, our bedroom is dark red. Each wall in Norah's room is a different color - light pink, light blue, light yellow, light green - no wonder she is crazy in her room!!

Best Deals said...

Good post!!!.This is surely something to think about. I used to teach my high school interior design students about colors and moods.

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