Tuesday, September 25, 2007

getting into the fall groove

Savannah's first day of Preschool this year
(three weeks late!).

Sorry about Sawyer's behind in the shot. And Savannah's faker than fake smile. We were in a hurry.

So Savannah's at school. She was so excited, she hardly said goodbye to me.
And Sawyer is napping away. I'm kind of bummed about this afternoon preschool thing. It was the only class that had openings, and she's on a short list to move up to mornings when there is space, but for now it's what we have. Which means Sawyer's naps are cut short, Savannah has no rest/down time at all (we'll see how that goes), and I get no one-on-one time that I was looking forward to with Sawyer during the school year. He naps the whole time she's gone. Granted, that means I get those two hours between drop off and pick up pretty much to myself, but I kind of already had that as it coincides with what was naptime anyway.

The kids have actually been getting along well the few days since we've been back. They're ignoring the yellow subliminals. I think they missed their stuff, their home, the familiarity. We'll see how long that lasts.
Me? I've been busy unpacking and getting back into the routine of cooking and baking and cleaning. And cleaning and cleaning. Amazing how things still get dirty even when you're gone for three weeks. I'm trying to compile a list for a good Spring Fall Cleaning. Windows, corners, baseboards, cabinets, bathrooms and such. I'm making myself get most of it done before I bring out the fall decorations!

I'm back in the painting mood again too. And the decorating mood. I don't just want to clean, I want everything to be done. I feel like with Fall and Winter coming, I want the house looking nice and cozy and lived in. I'm fighting the urge to do our master bedroom, cuz that needs a whole lot more than paint. Window treatments, bedding, perhaps an armoire...

I'm pretty sure Ryan's going to tell me to stick with the cleaning.


jessica said...

I love that cheesy smile. And I love the new picture you put up of you guys on the swings. It is perfect.

Annie said...

Could Savannah BE any cuter!?? What a doll. It was really fun to have you guys here. Cade is going to have withdrawals from all the fun friends that were around for while. Looking forward to the next time!

Dan said...

I know how you feel about Savannah and the afternoon preschool thing. Maddy is in afternoon kindergarten. Mallory naps through most of it and we don't have time for just she and I. We just moved into our new house next month and I'm just "itching" to have the house completely painted and finished for winter too. Probably an unrealistic goal with school. soccer and homework keeping us busy...who knows, it could happen!!!!


Dan said...

We moved into our house last month btw not next month. :)

Kristi Sauer said...

I can still remember my first day of preschool, I was soooo excited!

K.M. Laughlin said...

I love the pic of Savannah! So cute! How did it go???

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