Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i heart garage sales

I ran by a couple of garage sales this morning. Yes, on a Wednesday. There are some die hard garage salers around here, let me tell ya.
I didn't find anything great... specifically, I'm looking for an armoire for our bedroom, chairs for our dining room, and a small dresser/sideboard table or bookshelf for our upstairs landing. I think I'm going to have to stick to furniture/estate sales for those.
But I did come home with more toys. Just what we need, right? Well, it was just a little See N Say for Sawyer, a second doll stroller so kids stop fighting over the one we have, and a Cozy Coupe. Yes, we already have one of those too, but it is absolutely, hands down, my kids' favorite thing to fight over ever. So now we have two and we can play outside in peace. And I only spent $5. I'm happy.


Katie said...

Haha! Those are Donnie's fav. toys....a doll stroller...what the?He got two of those three from Grandma M.J., her house is like our own personal garage sale! LOL!!

Tracy said...

I love the big Twin Chim subdivision garage sale. THis is a big deal on Friday and Saturday. I always try to get Jeff home early on Friday so I can hit all the sales.
We may be doing one this year but not 100% sure. I will be bummed if I don't get to go shopping. Have you hit the consignment sales at the local churches. I love the good deals on them.

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