Saturday, September 22, 2007


Is there a fly infestation I should know about?
Is there something about about St. Louis in the fall I should have been warned about?

There were two flies on our flight home today that were driving me nuts. Being stuck on an airplane for three hours with a fly is not my idea of a good trip.
Then on the way home there was a fly in our neighbors van. Sawyer didn't much care for it.
After settling in a bit and taking inventory of our empty kitchen, we headed for the grocery store and decided to be lazy and hit Mickey-D's for dinner. The place was filled with flies. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating when I say there were dozens of flies in there. Needless to say we ate rather quickly got out of there.
Then we get home and as I am putting away groceries I notice there is a fly making his rounds in my kitchen. What the...?
And to top it off? As I crawl out of Sawyer's bed when tucking him in tonight, I put my hand right on a dead fly laying in the middle of the carpet. Gross.

What is going on around here??
I hope flies are not a symbol of something...

We're here, we're home, we're tired.
It always seems like such a long day of traveling when you're headed east from the west coast. The kids did great. Ryan did great. (he nicely took most of the burden of keeping the kids entertained during the trip, had Sawyer on his lap and so on and so forth, since I've done it on my own the last few times.)
We had a layover in Denver and from there to here we just had a little plane with only two seats on either side of the aisle, and the plane was packed full. Not one empty seat. Meaning Sawyer was on a lap the whole time. So Ryan sat next to Savannah with Sawyer on his lap. I was directly across the aisle, and my seat mate was a very large man. Very large. As in I wasn't sure he would fit in to sit next to the window. And as in the armrest between us disappeared. Seriously. I couldn't even sit up straight in my seat without our shoulders -heck, our whole arm, touching. So I spent those few hours of that flight leaned over to my right halfway hanging out in the aisle, or when I wanted to take a little catnap, I had to lean forward and try to sleep with my head in my hands, elbows on my lap. Not too comfy. Kind of irritating, as I paid for my ticket, a full seat to myself, and I was so uncomfortable for the whole trip, really only able to use one armrest and half of my seat. Odd, that in reality he was the one squishing me out of my seat, but I felt like I was squishing him if I tried to sit normally in my chair. I don't know how he made it through the trip. It looked like the armrest (and later the seatback tray) was seriously digging into his side, leg, and middle. Yuck.
So it was nice to get off the plane, and to get home.
Just enjoying a quiet evening here, and we're going to just lay low tomorrow settling in and taking it easy.
Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight for the first time in three weeks!!


LeeAnn said...

I totally got a vision in my head during your fat man on the plane story, YUCK!! I'm sorry you had to sit through 3 hours of that!! Glad to hear you all got home safely though!!

Tracy said...

The flies are horrible right now!!! Jeff had to squirt off our patio just to shoo off the flies.

That was probably the same fly that was driving us crazy on the way home from soccer. Jeff's mom was w/ me and she kept fighting w/ it.
Sounds like a fun plane ride.

Nicole said...

I'm glad you guys are home safe (finally!). I miss our normal chats!!!

K.M. Laughlin said...

SO glad you are all finally home! Sorry about the plane ride, but at least now its over! yeah! We missed you!!!

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