Friday, August 31, 2007

what single sight has freaked you out the most?

for me; easy answer.
Tears of blood rolling out of my baby boy's eyes.

Real, honest to goodness tears. of. blood.

Want to hear the story?

Ryan was on his way home from work (stopping by Best Buy to bring us home the best thing ever:expecting a "nice relaxing last fertile evening at home". Yes, that is a direct quote from him.

What he got instead was an evening of this:
Sawyer and Savannah had been wrestling in the family room yesterday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch, not paying much attention to them (I was busy with my lists!!), when out of the corner of my eye I saw Sawyer do a face plant into the carpet. It was one of those falls where everyone freezes because you know it's bad. The silent cry.... big breath... scream/cry.
As he picked himself up and I got over to him, I saw his pacifier was on the floor where his face had been and I assumed he had it in his mouth when he fell, so I immediately began searching his mouth and teeth for injuries. Nothing. In fact, I saw no bumps or scratches on his face or in his mouth anywhere at all, let alone something that would warrant this kind of reaction where something was obviously hurting him badly. I mean, this kid can bash his head on the concrete driveway and barely cry. I didn't understand how he could have hurt himself so badly just on the carpet, but he was definitely either in pain or super scared. And then it happened.

A large single tear, welled up in the corner of his eye and rolled down his cheek. Oh, and did I mention this was no ordinary tear? It was blood. A single (huge) teardrop of blood rolling out of his eye in what seemed like slow motion. And then I watched terrified as another rolled out and then they were squeezing out of both sides of his eye. I ran him over to the kitchen sink, desperately trying to wipe out his eye and see where the blood was coming from. I couldn't see anything and he was still upset and would hardly let me touch his eye at all. Then, as quickly as the blood tears started, they were gone. It was probably a total of just four or five large drops, and then his eyes were dry. He was calming down; more just whining than crying anymore, and there was no sign of bleeding anywhere. I didn't know what to do. I took him back to the couch to snuggle and tried looking in his eye. He still would hardly let me touch it, but from what I could see, there was no injury on his eyeball. The inside of his eyelid under his eye was all red and looked to be bloodshot-ish, but like I said, I could hardly get a good look.

I called Ryan to see where he was on the way home. Then I called the pediatricians office to relay the fall and see if and where we should take him in. I mean, this was bleeding from the eye! So when Ryan arrived home about 20 minutes later, we all went over to the ER.
By that time, you could see where he must have fallen on the pacifier right across his eye... the lower right corner of his right eye was swollen and red and almost welted. And there was a slight red mark across the other side of his eye to the bridge of his nose. The pacifier must have just been laying on the floor and he just so happened to land on it right on his eye. I hope his eye was closed, but there is no mark on his top eyelid.
Anyway, we spent a good 2 hours at the emergency room. Sawyer was a picture perfect patient... when the nurses or doctors were in the room. Otherwise he was a picture perfect terror. Seriously, he would not stay put. He was all over the room, climbing and pulling and running and yelling. And then whenever anyone else came in the room, it was like a Jekyll and Hyde thing... he would sit still and quiet on the bed and let them poke and push and look and shine lights and put drops in his eye and do anything they wanted to him and not make a peep. And then they would leave and he turned into this maniac toddler.
And why oh why did we all go? Savannah was just as bad as Sawyer. I think from here on out I will forever have nightmares about the four of us being trapped in a 6x9 room with each other for 2 hours with nothing to do but drive each other crazy.

Turns out, they could see nothing wrong with his eye. They were very concerned about the bleeding as they can't really find anything but a possible tiny tear under his eye. But he was acting normally, moving his eyes normally, they couldn't find any abrasions on his eyeball, and he obviously wasn't in much pain as they poked and prodded a lot and he hardly winced. I was supposed to follow up with a call to the Children's Eye Clinic this morning as they said they would still like to see him. But I think I'm going to skip that, as he is as normal as ever this morning, and even the outer bruise has already faded this morning and I notice no swelling. I know they're just going to say to bring him in and have it checked again, but I don't want to drive 45 minutes over there and sit through another evaluation with both kids, and drive 45 minutes back just to have them tell me he's fine. I really think he's fine. Am I a horrible mom for wanting to get the stuff done around here that I need to instead of taking my son's eye injury more seriously?? Call it mother's intuition, I just don't feel an urgent need for him to be checked again.

That was enough pre-trip excitemet for us I think. We didn't get home to eat dinner until 8pm and then hurried to get the kids to bed before 9. At that point I was exhausted. I pretty much got ready for bed myself after that. And then I read!! Yay!
And when I went to sleep, I was fully expecting to have bad dreams about the bloody tears thing. Seriously, that is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. There was just something so unnaturally unreal and just wrong about seeing tears of blood rolling down your child's cheek. Never again please.


Mom/GrammaG said...

Scarey!!! When your dad started reading your bolg(out loud)I was not sure I wanted him to continue.I feared the worst,as I am sure you did at first.Freaky! We are so relieved that Sawyer is ok. Thank You Lord!Now just relax a little. We love you!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Whoa! I bet that was the worst thing ever...I am glad he is okay! That would completely freak me out too!

Nicole said...

ai yai yai!! Let's hope this isn't a sign of how your flight is going to go!! Yikes. That would be absolutely terrifying (and freaky too) to see blood tears on your childs face. Eeek! I'm glad that everything is ok!

Have a great flight. Don't forget to hop on IM every once in awhile and we can chat!

Nicole said...

I meant, hop on IM when you get to your DESTINATION... not on the flight. HAHA! Good luck!

Kristyn said...

That would have freaked me out as well. Thankfully he is okay and I am sure your mother's intuition is right. Good luck on your trip. The portable dvd player is the best invention ever. We always have a new one the second the old one breaks down seeing as we drive 3 hours to pick Cloey up for the weekends which means she has 3 hours back to our house after riding 2 hours from her Mom's. Again good luck and I will keep you guys in my prayers.

-Jen said...

Seriously, my tummy is doing flip flops right now.

I am so sorry you had to go through something like that, that had to be SOOOO scary. Glad to hear he is doing well. Yikes.

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

I can't imagine where your mind went when you saw this!

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