Monday, September 3, 2007

you gotta love time zones...

And the fact that I've been up and wide awake since 4:30 am with nothing to do but think about how tired I'm going to be later this afternoon...
The kids are both sleeping downstairs with their grandparents so we'll see how the time change treats them. I haven't heard anything yet *fingers crossed!*.

So we made it here.
And we must have had a lot of prayers floating around for our trip, because it went off without a hitch. Either that or I have the best kids in the world.
Maybe a combination of a little of both :)

Seriously, the trip was fabulous. Better than I ever dreamed. Savannah was a perfect sweetheart being a big girl and a helper and was very content and cooperative. She totally blew me away. Sawyer was... well Sawyer was Sawyer. But in tolerable doses. He was plenty of work to keep occupied and distracted from the fact that he had to stay in one spot for hours, but overall he was very, very good. No big tantrums or anything to speak of. Honestly the only thing I would have changed would have been for him to nap a little bit (no he did not, not one little bit... that is leaving our house at 6:30am and not getting to our destination until almost 3pm -5pm our time- my friends. Sawyer normally lives on a need-to-nap basis.), and also to ask that maybe he not poop THREE TIMES during the trip. That's three times IN FLIGHT mind you, not waiting around at the airport or anywhere where there might actually be something like a changing area that's bigger than the lid of the toilet seat.

In between our flights we had a bit to hang out in Chicago and we found a great playground in the airport built by the Children's Museum and we hung out there during our little layover. The kids got to run around and play for a good forty-five minutes before we were off to find our plane for the long haul.
Savannah peeking out of the high observation deck

Sawyer spent much of his time flying the giant helicopter and sliding out the back of the plane...

In the air, we did plenty of snacking, drawing, singing, stickers, books and a couple of dollar store toys. While the portable DVD player was a hit in theory, Sawyer would not wear the headphones. So Savannah thoroughly enjoyed the Max & Ruby movie we brought along because I knew that was the only thing Sawyer would watch... and Sawyer did watch some. For a few minutes here and there without sound. He still laughed along though. It was pretty cute. He loves that Max!

On that second flight there was a couple sitting in directly in front of us with another little boy who happened to be just one month older than Sawyer. So they had a grand time playing over the seat... trading toys and books and playing peekaboo giving high-fives and driving cars over the seat backs and through mommies' and daddy's hair. This other little boy kept calling Sawyer "Baby" in that way that all toddlers call anybody under the age of 3 baby, even if they consider themselves at not quite two, a big boy! Sawyer didn't think twice about it, but Savannah was quite offended, and kept telling him "my brother is NOT a baby; he's like you!" Sawyer just kept calling the other kid "Hey!". So Baby and Hey made for great traveling companions and we all made it through the four and a half hour flight in mostly one piece. Minus a lot of poop.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad to hear that your flight went well! I've been thinking of you and hoping everything went smoothly. Give me a call this week and we can catch up! Or... we'll have to chat on IM one of these nights.

Heather S. said...

Glad things went well! 3 stinky diapers - sounds like you had one of my kids with you!! Ha ha!
Have a great time!!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Yeah! Glad you made it...that play zone looks awesome! Miss ya already...I can't believe you are going to be gone 3 weeks! Have fun!

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