Wednesday, July 11, 2007

good buy

Goodbye good buy...
I was piling newspapers and catalogs to go to the recycling bin outside. In the middle of that, I was talking on the phone and standing at the kitchen island flipping through the paper on the top of the pile. I came across a JCPenney's ad and glanced through it while I was chatting away.
Came across a frame they had on sale, which just so happens to be the very same frame we had bought just a week and a half earlier. Very cool, 2 1/2' by 4 1/2' frame with 35 4x6 openings. The frame is regularly $200. We bought it for 50% off at 99.99. This ad I was flipping through had it on sale for 49.99. Same exact frame. I started freaking out, called Ryan and told him about it and was all psyched to go back with my receipt and get $50 back!!
And then I realized this ad was for July 4-8 only. Oh. My. Word. I was so bummed! I cannot believe it was that much cheaper! I have been watching for this frame to go on sale since before Christmas. And I missed the all time lowest price. By three days. Frustrating!
I never opened up the ads in that paper last week, (or this week's -but you can bet I did after this) because I knew I didn't want to find something else to spend more money on. I was trying to call it quits on my spending and I didn't want to come across something in the ads I "just had to have". Little did I know, in trying to not spend more money, I missed out on an extra $50!

Hello good buy!
But since you know I'm never really serious when I say I'm calling it quits on my spending... I went to Big Lots this morning to check out their inventory of goodies. I found a big oval braided rug that I had in mind for our entryway for an awesome price! I had been eying them online and the cheapest I've come across at the size we need has been about $69. I got one today for $30!! Yay! I've also been trying to find a reasonable price for white wall shelves/ledges for SJ's room. Big Lots had them for $10 each!! It's finding deals like that that justify my constant browsing!


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