Sunday, July 15, 2007


So I asked a couple opinions about this... and then I went ahead and tried it. I know we've all heard of covering walls in fabric... but have you ever heard of using ribbon for a border? I searched all over the internet for days looking for examples of it... I figured someone must have done something like that at some time or another. But I found nothing.

Savannah wanted polka-dots on her walls in her new room. Originally, I was going to paint some kind of polka-dot border, but then I came across this polka-dot ribbon that matched, and I thought, why not use that instead of time consuming painting? Ryan thought I was crazy. He said no one does that and he thought it was a strange idea. I thought it would work.

So then I had to decide on how to apply the ribbon... and I found many places that suggested for covering walls in fabric, liquid fabric starch worked just like wallpaper glue. And you know what? Starch is CHEAP! So I headed into SJ's room with my 45 yards of ribbon, spray starch, measuring tape, pencil and level. After about two hours of being frustrated, I gave up and decided to go buy double sided craft/scrapbooking tape. Yeah, it was more money than a dollar's worth of spray starch, but it was soooo much easier and waaaay less messy.
So here's the result... and let me just say how hard it is to get a good picture of ribbon on a wall! It doesn't really look straight here with all the shadows, but believe me, it is! The first stripe is kind of a shiny pale blue that matches the curtains. The middle stripe is obviously the polka-dots that match the wall, and the bottom ribbon is pink (she had to have pink!) with white stitching. And I think it looks pretty cute. Now tomorrow, we'll finally get her room all put together and I'll get some pictures of both the kid's rooms finished!


Nicole said...

I love it!!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Looks awesome!!!!

Katie said...

Oh,cool....I'm so glad I read this, I've been looking at doing a fun border, maybe polka dots(I saw it in a pottery barn mag.& loved it) but, it looked soooo time consuming. I might try that in little D's room!!

Mom said...

Very cute! Hope you feel it was worth the time and effort. Can't wait to see it all up close and personal.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Annie said...

That looks great!

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