Tuesday, July 10, 2007

let them play

First I just had to share these pictures of the SawMan this morning. I made smoothies for breakfast and he gulped it down like I've never seen. He had two whole cup-fulls and honestly I don't think his mouth left the straw once till the first one was empty.

Savannah, on the other hand, told me many times... "I really like bananas and kiwis and applejuice, but all apart. I think it's stinky in a smoothie." It was pretty funny though, because she loved the idea of the smoothie for some reason (or maybe it was just the fact that her mother actually MADE something for breakfast instead of toasting waffles or pouring cereal or handing out breakfast bars!) and told everyone she talked to today how we made these great smoothies for breakfast today! She even told some random stranger in the grocery store about it.

We found this awesome park today... Awe. Some. (I'm realizing I've been using that word a lot lately, not sure why)
It's brand new, actually not even finished yet, but it's amazing. It's huge and it's fun and it's just about the greatest park I've ever seen. And the most awesome part? (there's that word again) It was all built to be completely accessible by kids with all different abilities. I've never seen anything like it. The place is made up of ramps and rails and all the walkways and climbers are all extra wide to facilitate wheelchairs. It's a giant playground for adults and kids of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It is truly a work of art. There is a sign language alphabet on one wall, a set of monkey bars lower and wider so that someone in a wheelchair can roll along under the bars, and tons of other ingenious things like that. It's made by Unlimited Play and it's called Zachary's Playground. They are even building a water park/play area that should be completed by the end of the summer. Here are some of our pics from the park...

I tried to take a picture of the whole playground... this is about a third of it, so there really was no way I could do that. Even if I could, it wouldn't do it justice.

This thing was amazing! And I just cannot stress how HUGE! It went on forever!

and a little play stage area

and plenty of toys to ride and climb on!

Here are a few more pics of the park construction if you're interested. It really is a pretty cool community project they've got going on here!


Nic said...

That is SO cool!

Amie R. said...

Hmmm...maybe I can try to raise money to build a playground like that in Evansville. I love inclusive playgrounds...why don't more communities consider all children's needs.

And smoothie idea...going to have to try that with Ben. I might need to add lard to it as skinny as he is!

kimca01 said...

Holy SMOKES, that is one heck of a park! I'm so jealous!

K.M. Laughlin said...

What a great park! I wish we had one of those in Columbia. I guess when we have kiddos, I'll just have to drive on over to your neck of the woods! :) See ya Friday!

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