Thursday, August 15, 2013

and, and, and

It's Thursday.
Feels like a Monday.
But also that it should be Friday by now.
Unfortunately, now that school's back on it's time to officially remember what day of the week it is.
I'm in trouble.

It feels like we've been so busy, but we haven't really.
I think that's because it's all in my brain; a million things going on at once.
All the stuff swirling around getting us into the routine of school and "Fall" (I say that with huge quotation marks, as it is still obviously barely mid-August)... all the things we still need at teachers' requests, schedules, evening open houses, and squaring away logistics of the extra things like band and piano lessons and soccer starting up.

And then all the stuff going on with Coen... not only are we are pretty much in the midst of a loooong and uncertain/possible/probable plan and placement change so that I'm dealing with the extra visits and communication and, oh yeah, EMOTIONS that go along with that, but we are also suddenly having our child case worker change at the same time as our own Family Support Worker getting a promotion which leaves us to be assigned a new worker on both ends.  At the same time.  In an already stressful (to me) situation. So, extra meetings and rundowns and EMOTIONS again.  Blech.

And now that the big kids are gone for a chunk of the day (and I have a great napper here with me) I'm also trying to "organize" and be intentional with my time and my job as homemaker... I feel like most of the summer was NOT my best time as a mom and wife when it came to cooking and cleaning and all things home.  My biggest goal was to utilize the short time off we had and really try and have the most fun.  Which honestly did not include regular laundry or deep cleaning or feeding my family all that well (from scratch/wholey/healthily). It was a very lazy summer on my part.
So now that I have the down time, I've been more intentional about planning good meals, preparing nutritious breakfasts and snacks, orchestrating our time at home into more structure and efficiency, etc, etc, etc.  As well as catching up on some deep cleaning, closet purging, and on and on and on. Did I mention laundry has been taking over our house?

And we're trying to plan for -trying being the key word; lots of intentions, not a lot of actual accomplishment- our big Fall Trip.
And somewhat attempting to work in me going with Ryan on his Boston trip next month and so the pros and cons of the money and juggling involved in planning that and the logistics of handing the kids off for a few days are constantly swirling in my head as well.

So yeah, my brain is full.


Our school year has started off better than I could have asked for... our mornings have been smooth and enjoyable, the kids are loving their new classes and I'm overwhelmed with how lucky we've been yet again to get some pretty incredible teachers who seem to fit with our kids (and me!) so well. The kids have been happy to get going to school each day and come home having great days to report. :)
happy school boy... even at 7am :)
And Coen is doing awesome... he is just seriously the best baby and spoils us completely.  He had his six month check-up this past week and had four shots and he's teething big time this week (seriously, any. day. now. please.) and so he's been a little whimpery-whiney, but even still... he's the happiest and most laid back baby I've ever seen.  He's at that super fun age where he's getting so "real" with us... he's beyond the moon excited when the kids get home from school... he squeals with delight when we come downstairs in the morning or after naps and he sees the dog waiting at the bottom of the stairs... he's grabbing our faces and snuggling into shoulders and holding us back when we're holding him.  He's grabby and giggly and his favorite thing right now is playing peekaboo with his little lovey blanket (or bib or book or whatever's nearby) with everyone and anyone who'll give him a second glance.  Especially the handsome little kid he met in the mirror the other day at the dr's office... ;)

And our house has stayed mostly tidy and functional these first few weeks (due in some small part to a couple of caseworker visits per week as of late, no doubt) and I've mostly been planning meals and have packed healthy inventive lunches and have had fun and (mostly) nutritious snacks ready for the kids when they get home.  And I purged the playroom and my bedroom and bathroom are actually clean, which is a nice change!

And I am so looking forward to a vacation.  Whatever it looks like.
And the possibility of running away with my husband for four days.  Even though it's only a possibility at this point. Even though it'll be a lot of him at a conference and colleague dinners and such... but I dare say I'd enjoy some time to myself in a nice hotel or wandering around a fun new city.  And really loving the possibility of my littlest sister and her new baby coming to hang with my kids and visit with us. :)

So my head is busy full, but it's full because of a life that's full and blessed.

Now if I could just remember what day of the week it is...

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