Tuesday, April 9, 2013

spring break

Our kids had over two weeks off for Spring Break this year. 
Thank you "extended school year" (aka, possibly the last stepping stone to year round school around here... BOO!).

My sister and her little family arrived midway through the first week and lots of fun (despite the cold, rainy, SNOWY weather) was procured.

We went swimming, we went roller skating, we went spelunking (sort of), we got rained on, hailed on, snowed on, we toured the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky, stayed a few days in Lexington, took advantage of an indoor playground one morning, saw some of President Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood homes (the benefits of vacationing with a history teacher!), visited Kentucky Down Under, zoo-ed it up back here in Nashville and got a babysitter so us grown ups could live it up in "Nashvegas", taking them downtown one night. [If by living it up you mean being back home by 11 :)]

We had lots of fun just hanging out in between all that as well.  Games, games and more games, cousins loving and not-so-loving on each other, Gabe introduced us to our own "famous" Nashville Hot Chicken and we got to catch up on the time we miss with these guys living so far away.

We're so glad these guys don't shy away from travel and take the time to come hang with us on our home-field semi-regularly. We loved having them here. :)

*And we're looking forward to another sis & fam from the other side of the family to attempt more of the same next month!!*


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