Friday, April 5, 2013

bits + pieces

I owe large posts of Spring Break and Easter pictures, but in the meantime, to tide us all over, here are some bits and pieces of life this week...

*Finally, finally, I think spring is here for real.  Sunshine and mid-sixties today, gradually climbing up to near eighty degrees early next week.  (and storms in the forecast... what else says springtime in Nashville?)

*Baseball, softball, baseball, and more softball. 

*We have a super smiley baby around here. Smiles when he sees our faces, smiles when he's is played with, smiles when he just hears our voices.  Love the baby smiles.

*We also have a baby who officially slept thru the night... like a long, real night, not the "technical" 7hrs they say counts for babies.  Went to bed just after nine last night and didn't wake up until almost seven this morning. I think we'll keep him. ;)

*I have our first homemade actual meal of the whole week in the crock pot as we speak.  I seriously have not cooked since Easter dinner on Sunday.  It's been a whole week of leftovers and fast food around ball games and practices.  I'm ready for a happy belly this evening.  Even made dessert. :)

*I am contemplating watching The Real World this season.  I haven't watched that in like 15 years. And even then I hated it. But it's in Portland... so you know, I kind of think I have to...

*I am so, so glad it's Friday. That's all I have to say about that.


Mom said...

It's just good to see you post. And Fridays have always been my favorite day. It means we have the WHOLE weekend to look forward to!XOXOX

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