Monday, January 7, 2013

one last

I've had a hard time putting Christmas away this year.
I don't think I'm quite ready to shove it aside and get back to "normal" this time around.

We had our tree up past New Years... and even after we finally stripped it down and hauled it out (only because we were getting to the last day of our local tree recycling!), it still took me another quite a few days to touch any of the other Christmas paraphernalia all around the house... including our two other, smaller, fake Christmas trees; the kids one and our advent one... we only just packed most of our stuff up yesterday.
And there are still two wreaths outside and a pair of lighted outdoor trees sitting in our upstairs hallway, waiting to be put into storage.

And I haven't taken all this down yet...

It's my favorite thing about having the holidays up around the house.
The thing I try to to draw out and dread taking down and putting away each year at this time.
I love seeing these holiday cards... love the smiling faces of friends and loved ones, greetings from those near and far, reminders of close friends, childhood friends, new friends, family, teachers, even from our mailmanwoman. Photo cards, traditional Christmas cards, letters of updates, or just a simple Merry Christmas.  I love having them displayed in the center of our home. They make me smile all month while they're hanging and I'm never ready to put them away.

I'm still not ready yet. :)


kim said...

we keep ours up all year :)

Julie Carlson said...

I hate to take them down too. After Christmas, I go through them and trim them up removing the Christmas borders and if it's a postcard w/multiple pictures I cut out my favorite. Then I put them all in a bulletin board in my mudroom. If I have a pic of the same family already up I take it down and replace it with the new one. These stay up all year. It's fun to compare the pictures or realize who is a new friend since last year.

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