Monday, January 7, 2013

and of course new years...

My parents were still here for New Years as well as The Malone family stopping in (for a second time over Christmas break!) on their southwest holiday travel tour.  They, as well as our neighbor, arrived for our little pizza party on New Years Eve and we stayed up late playing games (involving some sort of a Swiss Family Robinson Reunion) while the kids parked it in our bedroom, camped out watching movies.  All four of them made it 'til midnight and came down to watch the ball drop with us and pass out Midnight kisses. :)

But boy did we have some grumpy [boys] in the morning!  Because of course none of them slept in.

But we pushed on through for our big Dinner...
Our seventh year of this fun Friend (and this year, family too) Holiday Celebration...

The table set:

And then in true Heather fashion, no more pictures. :( 

But we had our traditional symbolic menu, yummy, yummy food if I do say so myself, a busy kid table complete with festive kid-decorated celebration "champagne" [plastic] glasses, the peppermint pig (of course!), lots of kids running around and great company...
this year we had the Harkins family again (three years in a row-- ding,ding,ding! I think they're the winners!!), the Malones and my parents in attendance.
L-R(ish): Michael, Erin, Kye (age 3.5), Yuri (age 5.5), Me, Ryan, Savannah (age 9.5), Wesley (age 16mos), Kevin, Mindy, Sawyer (age 7), Kyle (age 7), Micah (age 3.5), Rhoda, Kelly, my Dad and Mom.


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