Tuesday, November 20, 2012

quick and aimless

It's been quiet around here.
Here being the blog, not our house. ;)

I'd love to write more... lots on my mind to write about. LOTS.
But there's stuff I can't really talk about, stuff I don't know how to talk about, and stuff that I'm just plain afraid to talk about. And it's not just foster care stuff... although these newest developments definitely are a lot to process.  But there are other random unknowns vying for my attention these days as well... things I'm trying to hold at a distance, but it's not working too well. I think I'm truly mentally exhausted.

It's a wonder I can sleep at night I have so many incredibly spinning thoughts in my head this week.  That just goes to show how wiped out I am! A seven month old waking up every hour on the hour all night doesn't help and the past week has been surprisingly emotionally draining for me as well.  I hit the pillow and I'm out.  Which is very unusual for me.

We have been busy busy though.

We got to visit with Miya last week.  I wouldn't say things are necessarily going well with her being at her dad's, but she's still there, so I guess at least it's working for now. Ms. T brought her over for a visit and to bring us Christmas pictures they had done and she ended up leaving Miya with us for the whole afternoon.  Love that little girl.

We invited her dad and grandmother over for Thanksgiving. Not sure yet if they'll accept, but it's out there.

Otherwise, it'll just be us this year; us and our two new friends, Lexi and Cale. Lex is fifteen and Cale is the resident seven (oops, eight today!) month old.
So we're all looking forward to some time off school, some time to just relax, cook and eat a ton of food, and hopefully find some fun stuff to do.  And naps.  Plenty of naps. ;)


Mom said...

I have missed your blogging. But it's no wonder you have been absent.I am hoping and praying that the baby's sleep improves(soon)and everyone gets the rest they need.XOX

Alderum said...

Your writing is so good Heather, you should be proud of yourself. I've been wanting to tell you for a while.
Please try to fill us in on these new family members, this story is particularly interesting!

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