Monday, October 15, 2012

we have signage

Finally, after almost 4 months in our home, after hours and hours and hours of specific and intentional consistent modeling, coaching, and encouraging, the little guy we have here has finally this past week put together some ASL/baby signs...
Remy will now sign eat/food, more and all done.
Yay! We have communication!!

Until now, he's made no effort to communicate with us other than crying.  He doesn't do the usual toddler grunting or any "ah, ah"/"uh, uh"-ing  with motioning when he wants something.  He doesn't signal us no when he doesn't want or like something.  He just basically freezes and turns on this pathetic cry with no other indication of what he actually needs. He's always just cried and if we didn't know what his crying was about, then he'd very quickly fall completely apart... making it a complete guessing game as to what he's wanting or not wanting.

He still won't wave bye-bye or point to things or shake his head yes or no, but I'm hopeful that now some of these communication connections have been made, that it'll all just keep coming.  Quite quickly, I'm anticipating. :)
He's been consistently doing these specific signs at mealtimes for the past week or so and today he signed "more" at the playground as well when he wanted to go down the slide again.

I am so stupidly excited about this, you don't even know. :)
Yay little Remster!

"let's eat!":


K.M.L said...

Awesome!!! So exciting!!!

Mom said...

Sounds like a HUGE step. He looks pretty proud!Yay little Remy !!!

Connor Harley said...

So happy for you! Every stages in our child's life is important and exciting, as well as fulfilling. As for the other signs, it'll come! Soon. Go Rem! :)

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