Sunday, October 14, 2012

true stories

Yes, it's true Ryan left today for an all week conference in Dallas.  Boo.

And it's also true that means he's missing a concert tonight that we had tickets for.  VIP seats even.  Double boo.

It's true that I dreamt all night about juggling babysitter schedules.
I think that means I have too much going on this week.  Or just too much I'm trying to cram into and make sense of in my brain.

And it's true that I realized during church this morning that I had only put one earring on today. 
Like I said... Brain?  Full capacity.

It's also true that my house is a wreck.  In between the whirlwind weekend we have had and weeding out summer clothes, pulling down winter clothes and realizing there is a whole lot of fall wardrobe (and shoes) both the kids have suddenly grown too big for... I feel like I'm being buried alive.
And we have a (unfamiliar) babysitter coming tonight which means things need to be somewhat cleaned up and functional for her.

It's truly just a blah, gray blustery day and all I really want to do is curl up and take a nap.

It's also true that...

We had a night of getting caught up with and playing games with friends.

And that we got Boo'ed this weekend (first time we haven't started it ourselves!!) and it was a fun surprise.

We had a great time at a pumpkin farm yesterday with friends.  With corn mazes and play barns and log cabins and hayrides and fun animals. And brought home seven pumpkins for just $13.  I call that a score!

And we got rid of a dresser and a trashcan (and some cider and cookies) at our impromptu driveway sale during the neighborhood garage sale yesterday.

And we had a relaxed night catching up on missed tv last night.

And Ryan let me sleep in ('til 8!!) this morning.

Happy Sunday!!


Mom said...

Happy Sunday! And Good Luck with the week ahead! Whew! I don't envy you.Remember to eat healthy and drink water.I hope you get some much needed sleep at least a few of those nights.You will be in my thoughts and prayers! XOX

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