Monday, April 9, 2012

puppy power

We had a puppy playdate this past holiday weekend.
The whole weekend.
Clementine had her first sleepover guest.  Three nights in a row :)

It was an adventure. ;)
Let's just say two Great Danes, who are almost full grown physically, but still very much puppies developmentally?.... lots of work.  Whew.
I was laughing saying I was exhausted from just a weekend of puppysitting for our neighbors and wondering how they possibly thought they could live with these two for two weeks, as they claim they will while we head back to Oregon in a couple of months.  Ryan pointed out that if we can last for three days, they can probably last for two weeks... one, because the dogs would have a little more freedom in their house (at ours they're not allowed upstairs)(plus we also had to gate off the playroom as Sophie assumed all toys are hers, whereas Clementine is used to and knows what are dog toys and what are kid toys.) and two, the biggest difference is that they will be minus three kids (one being a new baby)!
Plus, hopefully, the girls will be just a little more used to hanging out together in longer stints like this and not have to be in hyper (let's play!) mode 99% of the time.

All in all the doggies had a blast though.  We took lots of walks, had lots of outside time and encouraged lots of 'lets just lay down and be quiet together time' (HA!).  When Sophie left this afternoon, Clementine was intensely searching the house for her BFF like she just wouldn't accept she was gone.

And then she napped a looong time. :)

This is basically the weekend looked like at our house...

for reference:
Clementine is 6 months old and 80lbs, Sophie is 10 months old and 120(?)lbs.


Mom said...

That is a WHOLE lot of dog(s)!!

Debbie Sanders said...

They are SO cute together -- what fun, but I can understand how they could wear you out! That is so much fun that Clementine has a good friend right next door - lucky girl.

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