Thursday, March 1, 2012

12/12: #2

[#2 of the twelve dates I pre-planned to treat ourselves to this year.  It was Ryan's gift for Christmas.]
[Date #1 was here.]

The Date that we had slated for the month of February was a weekends-only type of thing and it turned out, as our month went on, that we were slammed with busyness on pretty much every weekend.
So, last minute, we decided to do a switcheroo and Ryan pulled out the March envelope and we shoved what was to be our February date forward into a March weekend.  We thought March's (now February's) date was much more accommodating to our willy-nilly schedule as of late;

Still, even as easy as you'd think that would be to go bowling at anytime, we found ourselves running out of February days.  And even with it being a leap year! ;)
Turns out we took advantage of that extra day: on Wednesday, the very last day this would technically be a February date, Ryan played hooky, skipped out of work early and we went out to lunch and bowling. :)  In the middle of the day.  While the kids were in school.  And the puppy was sleeping off surgery at the vet.  Playing hooky together.  Loved it. ♥

I had pre-purchased a groupon for a big bowling/arcade/pizza place across town, but since we were *somewhat* limited on time and the weather was sketchy (tornado warnings) we decided to forego the groupon for this time and hit up one of Ryan's favorite mexican restaurants down the street and a bowling alley close to home instead.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  And one game Ryan only beat me by ten points!!
We came home to meet the kids off the bus and then continued our "quality time" by spending most of the afternoon -and then stayed up way too late at night- doing a new puzzle together.

 Thanks for the pinch-hitter of a date day Ryan.  It made my week!

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Teresa said...

Playing hooky are the best kinds of dates-
Thank heaven for Leap year =)
Thanks for sharing

Shannon b said...

We love bowling. And I love the idea of an afternoon date! Maybe next year when the kids are all in school for a full day. I sooo understand the difficulty of trying to fit your date in during the designated date month. Last fall we had one of our dates fall by the wayside because schedules were just. too. busy. You just have to do your best.

Thanks for linking up!

Lauren said...

bowling is super fun...and I totally understand our February date snuck into March! eek :)

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