Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 in 12: #1

If you're not up on the [my] "12 in 12" lingo, I'm referring to the twelve dates I planned for Ryan and myself to treat ourselves to this year.  It was his gift for Christmas.
So now that February is already closing in on us, we finally did our January date this past weekend (what?- we're nothing if not procrastinators around here!)...
and I'm happy to report had a very pleasant evening out.

We had somewhat of a "themed" evening and after hitting up a movie theater to see the second Sherlock Holmes installment (really good by the way!) we made our way downtown to a brand new bit of British hospitality; The Fleet Street Pub, Nashville's newest (and only) English-style pub.

And we loved it.  They only just opened in November and I'd say it's a very promising little bar!  Soccer on the "tele" and dartboards in the back, they had plenty of yummy beers on tap and the food (fish and chips of course!) was delicious... and pretty much everything on their menu sounded amazing.  In a pub; I know, right?!  We're definitely wanting to head down there again.

[sidenote: There used to actually be a pub called The Sherlock Holmes here in Nashville and while
planning this date night, knowing we were heading to see that movie, I was so bummed to find out that the pub had closed.  And that it -at the time it closed- had been Nashville's last English-style pub.  Fortunately I found went on to find this hidden (literally, it's tucked in Printer's Alley, underground!) gem and it made a very nice wrap up to our "English" evening!]

I'm already a fan of this Dating My Husband thing.  Not that I'm surprised; I kinda like hanging out with the guy.  But I also love the idea that we're getting out and finding new places and will maybe even find new things we like to do... together.  In essence, making more dates for the future!

Plus, like I said, I kinda like hanging out with this guy. ;)

Can't wait for date #2!

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kim said...

love your idea! i CRAVE date nights. we always have so much fun.

K.M.L said...

So fun...our January date had to change :(
Will post about it soon.
Great idea!
We will have to go there when we visit!

Shannon b said...

I LOVE the themed date! I think you just inspired my next date . . . hmmm, letting it simmer.
I love what you said about dating your husband and exploring and discovering new things together. My thoughts exactly!

Thanks for linking up!

Teresa said...

Wonderful plan ahead date- I love a good theme.
Thanks for sharing

Nell said...

So glad for you that you were able to find another English pub to keep the theme up for the night. What a great idea, having a 'themed' night... will certainly have to start noting down all these great ideas for this year's Christmas present for 2013 dates!

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