Friday, February 24, 2012

we lunch

I've been going to school to have lunch with the kids more often.
They eat lunch two hours apart so it's a nice break in my day to run over and do that, running for groceries or something in between.  Sometimes I bring them Sonic, sometimes we share some pizza, sometimes I just sit with them while they eat their lunch from home.  They're nice little mid-day dates though.  It's fun to hear about the morning from all the kids.  And interesting to hear the lunchtime chatter.  ('Dailey loves Sawyer' is all I heard today!)

Savannah and her girls.
Holding up her "cheese" instead of saying it for me to snap a picture.
She thought she was pretty funny. ;)

Often times when I'm at the school, being at lunch or tagging along on field trips or helping in the classroom, it makes me miss having my own classroom and want to be teaching again.
But then sometimes I also am ready to just run from the building, thanking my lucky stars I don't have to be there dealing with some of those kids every day!!  ;)
(Especially a handful of the boys in Sawyer's kindergarten class.  Wow.)


Mom said...

Cute little picture.I would like to meet some of Savannahs friends. I remember Sawyers classroom from the Thanksgiving celebration. The boys WERE a handful,but so were some of the girls!I LOVED that age,obviously.

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