Monday, February 27, 2012

and it's monday

This was one of those weekends where I was ready for a Monday.  Non-stop for three days and feeling like I wasn't home for more than a few minutes at a time = bring on the quiet of my empty house on a Monday morning!

Friday I spent the day with some errands and had lunch with the kids, got home at about 1:30 and got some snacks, balls, gloves, blankets and layers together because the second the kids stepped off the bus at 3, we were on our way down to Vandy to watch a baseball game vs. Oregon with friends.  And it was fa-reezing that afternoon/evening.  The day before?  75°.  Unfortunately, that day, while we were at the game, it was about 43° and reeeeaaally windy (so it was way colder than 40).  Brr.  So that was our Friday.

Saturday we started the day with Sawyer's last basketball game and awards celebration bright and early... (sorry for the not great phone pics!)

and then made our way home for lunch, after which I spent the afternoon downtown at the expo centers' flea market with a friend, and Ryan and the kids went to another friends' house to help with some new furniture and to shoot some more hoops. (It was back to warmer, spring weather Saturday!)  Then we were due back for Savannah's last basketball/cheer game and their awards/end of the season celebration with pizza as well...

 not putting us home until almost 8 o'clock.
Long, busy day!

Sunday we went to church and straight from there, getting lunch on the way, to another Vanderbilt/Oregon baseball game (this time in beautiful 60 degree sunshine!)(and Ryan and I actually got a little sunburned!!)

We didn't get home until dinnertime where we threw in Totino's pizzas for the kids and I then headed back to our church for a ladies' dinner date that turned into an Oscars viewing party. 

Add in between all that feeding and walking a puppy (who's still on a special, prepare-actual-real-food diet, recooping from her tummy debacle), putting in some hard eight-year-old piano practice time, and a six-year-old who was set on devoting at least a little weekend time to completing his SuperMario Galaxy game (which usually involves help from his dad)(and he is so close!) and I'm ready for Monday.  AKA, a day off in my world.

So it's Monday morning, the sun is shining, the house is quiet, and I'm just relaxing for a little while.
And only feeling a little bit guilty that I'm the only one who gets to take the morning "off"... that we all had the busy weekend and that now the kids are busy at school and Ryan's busy at work, and I'm just sitting here on the couch relishing in the quiet, with nothing I "have" to do.
In my defense, they did get the evening last night to settle at home a bit while I was out. ;)
And I suppose I could be productive here while relaxing... I'll eventually get around to planning meals and making grocery lists and checking calendars.   And eventually make my way off the couch and tackle the mess our whirlwind of a weekend left our house.
And take a nice long walk in the sunshine with Clementine.  It's supposed to be nice and near seventy all week this week (I guess we really aren't getting any winter this year!) and I'm looking forward to the sunshine!!


Mom said...

Love the pictures,and I love hearing about your busy weekend. Wish we had your weather! XOXOX

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