Friday, November 18, 2011

friday morning

Where on earth did the week go and how is can it possibly be Friday already. Seriously.

I've been working my butt off all week getting Christmas gifts done.
I've discovered I'm much better off copying other people's work... when I'm trying to branch off and be creative on my own it takes up a lot of time. I'm slow. Good stuff, but lots of time!
At least it's (mostly) done. Just need to wrap it all up!

I had a few people ask and I had wanted to get a couple of posts together for homemade Christmas gift ideas... before Christmas!
I actually do have them mostly written up, I just have to find pictures/take pictures and get it organized. Maybe this weekend??
I also have more house pictures in the que.
And a post all about Savannah, which I'm trying to make time to finish off and maybe snap a few new pictures of her to go along with it.

My parents and sister arrive tomorrow.
Which means I should probably actually do some laundry and give a little attention to housekeeping around here rather than this blog stuff I'd like to do.

I need a few extra hours in my days and I certainly don't appreciate the speed at which this week has flown by.
Anyone else blink and feel like they missed the whole week??


Mom said...

I think the week went WAY too fast. But I am looking forward to the week ahaead!! XOXOX

KimBerly said...

Christmas gifts done?? I haven't even started. I envy you.

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