Wednesday, September 7, 2011

you knew this was coming

I've heard that if you're anyone who's anyone online, you have probably seen this project flying around pinterest. (I am not anyone, by the way.)
Or, alternatively, if you follow any crafty/homemade art/decorating blogs at all you have probably seen this spill over onto other blogs or links as well. (This is where I fit in.)
And if you've seen this project and if you know me at all, you had to know this was coming...

We did one:

If you don't know what I'm talking about, this idea apparently started from here:

And as us likeminded, cheap crafty people who are not afraid to get our hands dirty would say, "hey, I can make that!"...... "for way less than $75!!"
Um, yeah. For about $13 actually.
And you can make it for much less if you go with a smaller canvas.

Ours is big, measuring in at 24"x36".
Crayons glued on...

Hairdryers on hot... (I actually first stuck the whole canvas in the car in the driveway in the 101° sun for about 20 minutes just to get the ball rolling)

And it's on the wall...

I took it a step further and added a favorite quote to it as well:

We love it!!


K.M.L said...

love it! :)

Mom said...

How cool is that!!!! XOXOXOX

lina said...

Love it!! I have been wanting to buy some canvas and have the kids create some colorful projects :)

Tracy said...

I guess im waaaaay out of the loop because i havent seen that til now lol. love it and thanks for posting it now we can create one :)

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