Thursday, September 8, 2011

ten things on thursday

1. I'm wearing THE most comfortable pants today. Just bought them yesterday. Yoga/workout pants for $12 at Walmart. And I may just wear these every single day for the rest of my life.
Or maybe I should go back for more.

2. Ryan passed his cold/sore throat on to me.

3. I ran out of orange juice at 7:10 this morning.

4. It's a good thing it's a perfect cool fall morning for a warm cup of Milk Tea! Ah, soothing.

5. Speaking of cool, fall morning; we've been feeling quite at home with this weather Nashville's seen lately. Thanks to the tropical storm moving through the country this week, we had almost four full days of rain... real rain. As in, good old rainy days like back in Oregon, where it just rains all day. That doesn't happen often around here. Usually it rains a bit and clears up or, more likely, downpours for fifteen minutes and then dries up and gets right back up to ninety degrees. But we've had cool, rainy days, for the last several, not seeing the sun at all until today and this will actually be the first time we've been above 70° since Sunday. (but keep in mind Saturday was 101°!) We've been dipping into the actual low fifty degree range at night and it's felt oh so good! And our lawn actually greened up a bit!

6. Our home alarm system (that's not even really hooked up) has been chirping at me non-stop. I don't know what that means.

7. We also have a smoke detector that eats through batteries. And then chirps at us every other day.

8. Also? New house phone. It also apparently hates me, as it's lighting up every thirty seconds telling me there's an incoming call but with incomplete data... when there is no incoming call.

9. Technology is not my friend today.

10. These pants are. :)


jenny said...

oooh! i love new yoga pants! i wish i could go to work in them. haha! i am the owner of a nice fall cold too (i think my kids gave it to me). good luck on all things technology ... sounds like you'll be living in a birdhouse today (cheep, cheep)! :)

Mom said...

Yay for yoga pants! Did you try any yoga in them??? :0) XOXOXOXOXO

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