Friday, September 9, 2011

friday question: three things

IIf there's a blog that makes me laugh out loud equally as much as it makes me really stop and think, or can put the exact right words to my thoughts in either the funny life (mom) situations or the deep, real (spiritual) things going on in my heart, it's gotta be Sara's. I'm regularly reading snippets of her blogging out loud to Ryan to share a chuckle or bookmarking a post or a phrase that I want to reflect on again later.
This morning her post was neither especially sidesplitting nor scarily deep (for me anyway), but it did get me thinking. Go ahead, go over and read it. And then come back. ;)

What would your three things be?
I asked myself that question, in light of what Sara wrote, and honestly I am coming up blank.
How sad is that?

I mean, sure I can come up with three things at first thought...

Hello, my name is Heather, I have two kids, I've lived in four states in the past five years and... um.... uh, maybe I can't even think of three.

Really? That's it? Is that me?
Do I even have any interesting things that define me?

I like to bake.
I want to become a foster parent.
I"ll spray paint anything.
I have an almost-phobia of the telephone.
I love to plan and celebrate get-togethers and holidays.
I have a habit of getting things thisclose to where they're supposed to be, but not really putting them away.
I love crossword puzzles and Scrabble.
I am a champion procrastinator.
I like to organize things. (notice I didn't say BE organized)
I have a weak spot for thrift/antique/secondhand stores.
I have to rub my foot on the sheets to fall asleep.
I love to send cards and give gifts.

But is any of that different than anyone else?
Do any of those really say something about me?
Is there nothing that is uniquely me?

I think I need to find that.

Do you have things that define you?
Things that are interesting and point to who you are as a person?
What would your three things be??


Smarts said...

Hi Heather, I hit the 'next blog' button and you were first in my lineup! You have a lovely blog and a thoughtful way of writing. I enjoyed visiting you here.

The pictures of your living room look great. I was very drawn to your turquoise dresser. For some reason or other turquoise has been my color of the summer. We recently bought a small summer home and I pained the kitchen cabinets what looks to be the exact same shade.

Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life with me.


jessica said...

Heather, all of those things do define you, and, as a reality check, they do not define all people. For instance, I don't love to bake, I don't desire to be a foster parent, I don't love giving gifts (I mean, I don't hate it or anything, it's just usually not on my mind). None of your facts are particularly shocking (well, except for the rubbing-your-foot-on-the-sheet thing), but they are a way to get to know you better.

You are easier to get to know in writing, for me, and I love, love, love, those things about you. Some of those I know without you even writing them.

Once again, you are a beautiful woman, and I am truly thankful to know you.

I remember being at the last ice breaker and not mentioning that I am a wife and mom of three, then feeling later like, what kind of a wife and mother am I if it isn't one of my defining statements. Yikes!

Here are some I am thinking of today:

Clutter bothers me; dust doesn't.
I love popcorn; I like chocolate.
I don't want to be a millionaire so frickin' bad.
Sometimes I like to break the rules. Is that okay?
I try to be honest, even when it's really hard. Sometimes it is.
I forget things.

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