Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wednesday evenings, for five weeks in the month of May and into June, the kids both have Upward camps at a local church; soccer for Sawyer and cheer for Savannah.

They've both had a great time for the two hours each week, submerged in sports they love.

And Ryan and I have had a great time with a mini "date night" each week after we drop them off... two hours to have some grown up dinner time (yum- Thai!), challenge each other to games on the ipod, and just sit out on the grass under the trees watching the soccer field, enjoying the weather (and the cicadas. NOT.).

It's been fun to have a little regular "just us" time.


KimBerly said...

Lucky!! I wish that B and I had a date night. Enjoy your time together.

Anonymous said...

it's so nice to have something like that built-in that kind of forces you (well, not 'forces', but you know what i mean) to have a regular date night! glad you're having fun. :)

LeeAnn Howard said...

oh my sister was just telling me about these little critters!! i sure hope they are gone when we get there!!

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