Monday, May 2, 2011

hello week, here we come

Well, here we are at another rainy Monday. I can't believe it was a whole week since I popped in last. Between the storms and the tornadoes and the rain and the housecleaning and the visitors... it was a crazy week. I think I blinked and now suddenly it's a whole week later.

The Coxes came for a quick visit on their way from STL to Florida on Thursday night. They joined us in attending a performance at SJ's school and then we all went out to pizza. It was fun to visit!

Then on Friday, it was a quick changing of the sheets and laundering of towels (yes, sort of felt like a hotel housekeeping service, not gonna lie!) and the Swinigans arrived for a visit on their way home to STL from Florida! The kids had a fabulous time... they played and played and played. Sawyer had a baseball game on Saturday that everyone got to enjoy and then they hung out most of the day before heading home late that evening. Great to spend some good time with good friends!

And it seems the only good weather we've had over the past week was roughly the 48 hours we had our houseguests here. Beautifully sunny and warm for those two days.
And then bright and early yesterday morning it started pouring again. And pretty much isn't looking like it's stopping until midway through this week. Ugh.
We did manage to take advantage of a quick break in the rain yesterday afternoon and the kids rode a bike path 'round a nearby park for awhile. But not for long as we hurried home before the clouds grew darker again and I talked Ryan into quick (haha) pulling out three of the overgrown bushes in our front yard that we've been wanting to yank. I figured it'd be easier while the ground was nice and soft and wet, yet it wasn't pouring on us. Easier maybe. Quick job? No. But we finished up just as the next raindrops fell. I can't wait for at least a little sunshine this week so I can trim up the rest of the stuff in front of our house and get some flowers planted.

Speaking of yesterday and the rain...
I smashed up my kneecap pretty good because of it. I totally bit it in the lobby of church yesterday morning; one step off the mat inside the front door onto concrete floor... and suddenly all of me was on that floor. My flip flops + rain + the beautifully varnished concrete floor = not a good combination. Ouch. Concrete is hard.
And also? How embarrassing.
It was so painful and distracting that I kinda wanted to leave throughout the whole service. It hurt to stand, but it also hurt to sit because my jeans touching my tender knee, which was already nicely bruised and swollen, was torture. I sort of winced through service, rewarded myself with a donut afterwards while "mingling", and then we made it home and I changed into shorts and finally got a lovely view of the goose egg that was sitting below my skin on top of my knee cap. Gross.

Other than the pretty colors, my knee looks almost back to normal today... it's just annoyingly painful. It swells up more and throbs the longer I'm on it, but when I sit down and put it up and relax, it's crazy painful to stand up and get moving again as the blood flow gets going again or whatever, pulsing through the bruise. At least it's just an enormous bruise and not that I twisted or injured my actual knee joint or any muscles. At any rate, I don't think I'll be showing off my legs in shorts for awhile.

Luckily, I can just hang out on my butt for a bit today. I have a few projects I need to work on, most of which involves some research and some designing on the computer, with maybe a bit of a foray into the craft supplies. I need to venture out at some point and get ink for my printer and I'm thinking I'll treat Sawyer to a Redbox rental or two. '

That's what's on tap for our rainy Monday...
how about you?


Mom said...

Ouch,that fall sounds painful. And embarrassing. At least you did not have a dress on. I wonder how many others have fallen ,and actually broken something??? I hope you are right and it's nothing serious.Nothing that a little staying off of it/and time won't cure.We are due for some sunny weather this week.And I think it is actually going to happen . Yippeee!! XOXOXOXXO

KimBerly said...

Oh No!! That sounds like it hurts.. Good for you for making it through the service.

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