Monday, April 25, 2011

lazy monday

So Sawyer woke up this morning like we had dreamt up the whole fever thing.
He was super hot last night with a 102° temp. He looked horrible (which also could have been due the fact that he was up at 4am yesterday. Yes, 4am. Who knew Easter was worse than Christmas?!) and -we didn't realize til we evaluated the fever- hadn't really eaten a thing all day. So we tucked him in bed early after pouring some ibuprofen down the hatch.
When Ryan and I went to bed later last night, I found Sawyer not only in our bed, but in our bed in a big puddle of sweat. Nice.
But he must have sweated the fever out because this morning he was up and at 'em and feeling good as new.

And funnily, he has no memory of getting into our bed.

He and I have just been lazing around this Monday morning. Currently we're snuggled up watching Looney Tunes and debating our lunch options. I'm just feeling so super unmotivated this morning. Which I think is only going to get worse as the week goes on since there'll be some major rain and storms moving in for the rest of the week and we all know gray weather is not the most motivating. I should really be using today to run errands and clean my house.

We have not one, but two separate visitors coming this week; friends staying with us Thursday, stopping in for just one night on their way through town, and then also another family making a similar pit stop the very next night on Friday! We're looking forward to seeing STL friends!! And it's convenient that we're between all of them and a lot of beaches. :)

Now if we could just get to that beach...


KimBerly said...

poor little guy. Glad he is feeling better.

Mom said...

I say let's get to that beach in July...what do you say??? Really wanting an update on Sawman...XOXOXO

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