Friday, April 22, 2011

friday questions

Do you say...

dresser or bureau?

garbage or trash?

shopping cart or buggy?

barbecue or cookout?

couch or sofa?

ottoman or hassock?

dinner or supper?

sprinkles or jimmies?

pop or soda? (or coke??)

I say the first option on all of the above. How about you?


Nicole said...

dresser or bureau? Dresser. Bureau is just weird.

garbage or trash? Garbage.

shopping cart or buggy? Shopping cart. Isn't buggy an "old person" term? HAHA!

barbecue or cookout? Cookout. Barbecue is what you cook your meat on at a cookout. :)

couch or sofa? Couch.

ottoman or hassock? Ottoman. Never heard of hassock!

dinner or supper? Dinner. Although I do say Supper Club, only b/c its sounds better than Dinner Club

sprinkles or jimmies? Sprinkles. Never heard of it called jimmies

pop or soda? (or coke??) Pop most of the time, but I also say soda. Coke is a brand, not a general term :)

Mary said...

shopping car or buggy......carriage!
pop or soda......tonic!

K.M.L said...

Shopping Cart


KimBerly said...

dresser or bureau? Dresser

garbage or trash? Trash

shopping cart or buggy? Shopping cart

barbecue or cookout? Grill

couch or sofa? couch

ottoman or hassock? what the heck is a hassock? ottoman

dinner or supper? supper

sprinkles or jimmies? Springles like on a cup cake? What are jimmies. Am I the only one who doesn't know that one??

pop or soda? (or coke??) Pop mostly but sometimes I say soda.

Anonymous said...

Do you say...

dresser or bureau?--dresser

garbage or trash?--garbage

shopping cart or buggy?--shopping cart

barbecue or cookout?--BBQ

couch or sofa?-couch

ottoman or hassock?--ottoman or often footstool

dinner or supper?-dinner

sprinkles or jimmies?--sprinkles..I agree, what are jimmies!

pop or soda? (or coke??)--always Pop...I'm Canadian...we never call it soda.

Anonymous said...

dresser or bureau? dresser

garbage or trash? both i guess? garbage more often

shopping cart or buggy? cart

barbecue or cookout? barbecue

couch or sofa? couch

ottoman or hassock? ottoman

dinner or supper? both, usually dinner

sprinkles or jimmies? sprinkles

pop or soda? (or coke??) soda

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