Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter sunday

It seems Easter is the only time we've had managed a regular family picture taken for the past few years. So here we go again...

(another realized perk of moving; little girls can wear their favorite Easter dress two years in a row since no one around has seen it!)

We had a great weekend with summerlike weather (mid-eighties and sunshine!), a lazy Saturday with a ballgame and a fabulous Easter Sunday attending church with and sharing dinner and a backyard egg hunt with friends, followed by a family movie night and Sawyer spiking a fever. Okay, so that last thing wasn't so great, but he's tucked away in bed and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he wakes up good as new tomorrow.

Happy Easter!


K.M.L said...

Great picture of you 4! Hope to see you guys soon and that Sawyer feels better!

Mom said...

Happy Easter!Love your family picture.(I always do.)We actually remembered to TAKE a picture this year.And I think it is great that Savannah can wear that pretty dress another year.Happy to hear your Easter was so nice. And certainly hoping that Sawyer's fever is VERY short lived.Love you and miss you ALL! XOXOXOXO

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