Wednesday, January 26, 2011

breakfast, brunch and brinner

I've been doing much better with my meal planning and such in this new year.
I'm always surprised, when I get out of the habit for awhile and then back in, at honestly how much easier it makes my life! It is so nice knowing for the whole week what we're having, what needs to be made when and all of that. Why some weeks I don't do it is beyond me.

I've been keeping up over here; trying some new, lighter recipes, still trying to keep it [picky]kid friendly, and cutting back a little on the whole our-meals revolve-around-meat thing all at the same time. Upping the fruits and veggies, whole grains and fish. So far so good.

But today we had brinner.
Scratch that-- we had breakfast, brunch and brinner today. Ha!
It was a snow day, the kids and I were all home lazy, and it all sounded really good and nice and cozy. :)

We started off this morning slow and lazy, watching a movie while the snow fell outside and had an easy breakfast; warm banana bread, breakfast bars, mangoes, bananas and yogurt, just kind of snacking all morning really.
Then mid morning, when the kids headed outside to play in the white stuff, I threw some oatmeal in the crockpot for a warm yummy lunch when they came in. Mmmm... creamy steamy apple cinnamon goodness. Perfect for coming in from the snow.
I did throw out some celery, cucumber and carrot sticks for munching on after our oatmeal. Gotta have square meals around here, right?
For dinner brinner we did the kids' favorite- Protein Pancakes. Yes, something with the word protein in it that my kids love. These are soooo yummy and the kids may as well swallow them whole they disappear so fast. We had fresh oranges and blueberries alongside them. I originally had planned on making green smoothies to add to our brinner (for a good dose of veggies today), but didn't realize that I was out of spinach. I had also found this idea for a "breakfast salad" that sounded yummy and thought about throwing that together, but turned out I was too lazy.
After all, that's what snow days are about, right?


Mom said...

Ahhh,I remember those pancakes fondly.They WERE delicious.That was a month ago already though.Missing you guys....XOXOXXOXO

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