Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am so off on my days this week.
Started it off sick, which seemed like an extension of a never ending long weekend of sick, then the kids and Ryan were off on Tuesday, there's a ton going on this weekend and my brain is constantly thinking ahead, so my internal calendar is way off.
All day today I found myself thinking it was only Wednesday... and then later I'd be thinking it was already Friday. But then it felt like only Tuesday. But it's Thursday, right?
I'm lost.

I do know, at least, that it is in fact November.
Which means more attention for the ol' bloggy blog here.
Good motivation for me to write more regularly again, which should be good as we're finally starting to settle into a routine around here. And there's enough going on around here -and enough I need to catch up on- in writing that I shouldn't be hard up for content.
So here I am, NaBloPoMoing again.
Anyone else??

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