Saturday, November 6, 2010


So how's about I finally mention I'm on the NaBloPoMo train again this year, just to jinx myself and NOT post the next day. Seriously.
I didn't even realize that I never wrote yesterday until just now this morning. I usually realize laying in bed that night... and with enough time to quick post something at least.
I've never in all these years missed a day in November. Boo.

Oh well, that's what a full day of shopping/planning/decorating'll do to you. We were busy baking cakes and food and goodie bags and finishing up the main floor bathroom... and blogging got forgotten.
With more of the same today.
Turns out a camping party is not the easiest to shop for in November. Who knew.
Nine hours and counting...


Mom said...

Sawyer will have a great time at his party and fond memories to look back on...that's what counts. XOXOXO

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