Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, Hi.
No I did not forget that I have a blog.
I actually think of it every day.
Welcome to the land of "oh I'll just blog tomorrow...."

And here we are three weeks later.
Even my husband's been on my case about when am I ever going to blog again. :/

I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say this house/unpacking/organizing/decorating thing has taken over my life. Eat, sleep and breathe it. Really.
But the sad thing is, you probably wouldn't know it from looking around here. It's a long and slow process... one step forward, two steps back, and I more often than not feel like I'm just going in circles.

I mentioned before how this house is so different than our last mostly in the form of NO STORAGE. And while I kind of pride myself in us not having a ton of stuff, or at least making good use of what we do have.... turns out we have a lot of stuff. And nowhere to put it all.
So I'm having to be tons of creative, and while we've been ruthless in going thru our stuff and weeding out a bit, it's been a challenge to figure out how to store all this stuff amongst our living spaces. And I like clean, simple, uncluttered living spaces.
Games, craft supplies, books, books, books, sewing machine, office supplies, etc, etc, etc.
Incorporating them into our decor or better yet, tucking and hiding them away, has been -is- an ongoing hurdle.
And doing it while trying to not spend money? Ugh.

Suffice to say, we don't have one single room in this house "done" yet.
Four weeks in and nada.
Which is so different that our last move. A month in last time and I had a good half dozen rooms done; painted, unpacked and decorated.
Uh, yeah. Not this time.

Also last time? We had met and hung out with and gotten to know a ton of friends already.
This time? Notsomuch.
I feel like we're I'm holed up in this house all the time.
We were actually going to invite a family over for a fire and s'mores last weekend but ended up starting painting the family room instead.
If I'm not working on a project, I'm thinking about a project or trying to thrift shop for a project (addiction to craigslist in full force).
I'm feeling like I have ADD when it comes to this house... I can't get everything done that I want to get done so I flit around from room to room doing little things I can and starting things before other things are finished and it's getting a little out of hand.
But I know from experience from the last two moves... if there's something I want done I want to do it right away if at all possible. Or if it's at all possible to at least get anywhere close to what I want. Instead of putting it off and saying someday and then either never doing it or finally doing it years down the road and saying, 'that was so easy, and makes such a difference, why didn't we do that a long time ago??!?
So I'm trying to be creative and inventive and this big house is consuming me.

But that's just me.
The other people living in this house apparently have lives to live. Sawyer's already been invited to three birthday parties, SJ's been to one, they've been over to play at friends houses and they're always out in the backyard. They've each already had a school field trip we've gone on and we had a park playdate with Sawyer's preschool class this week.
And Ryan of course has been working and getting out and actually socializing.
We did go out and have pizza and a mini game night with the one family here we know last weekend.

I just feel like I need to get our house together... like I need to make our home before I can focus on being social, meeting new people and making new friends.
I don't know why that is this time. Maybe because opening our home and being hospitable is so much of how we are social. It's like I don't know how to function without a house.

I do love this house. And I really love the potential of this house. Right now I feel like it's all work and stress and wanting things that I probably can't make happen right now, but I'm trying to make it work for us and get it to where I do love it.
I want my family to love this house. I want it to feel like us. Like we belong here.

Now lately my brain is not only full of house stuff, but now I'm trying to figure out Halloween costumes, decide whether or not I can plan Sawyer's birthday party in time and with no money and to top it all off we decided to take a trip to Oregon. Next week.

At least it'll be a week off from thinking about my house!

I did take pictures though... and I'll hopefully get around to sharing them later today.
Not that I expect y'all to have been waiting on pins and needles, but I know how it kills me when someone moves into a new house and I'm just dying to see it, especially when it's long distance and I'm just waiting, waiting waiting for pics of the new pad. And for some reason I know a lot of people who've moved this year so I speak from experience. And I'm not talking just the pictures from the listing, but real pictures from a real perspective and with all their real stuff in the house. Not to mention any names (ahem!) but I'm just sayin'... we all love house tours!!
So whether you've been waiting with baited breath or just hugely rolled your eyes at me, I'll get some pictures up here by the end of the day.

Meanwhile I have about 24 loads of laundry to fold (seriously, I have never actually put any clean laundry away since we moved in... we're still "building" our closet and Savannah still doesn't have a dresser and Sawyer's closet door is broken so our guest bed has become our clean clothes catchall) and more to wash and I have trim to paint and I should probably finish vacuuming. And I'm babysitting all day so I should probably go check on those boys. They're a little too quiet upstairs...


Mom said...

Well it is nice to know you are still there...sorry things are not as easy to get settled this time.I am sure you must have a list(or 2)of "to do's",so prioritize.You know it will all come together.Thinking of you & missing you. XOXOXO

Nicole said...

YAY! A blog post from you! I know how you feel about wanting the house in order and decorated and looking like "your house" before you venture on to resume your life. (I know you totally remember teh summer we moved here... craaazy project busy!). I can't waiiiit to see your home pictures!!! Post them even though they're not fully finished... you'll love the "before/during/after" images. I promise.

I can't wait to come visit. Did you get my FB message about NYE?

Who are you babysitting?

LeeAnn Howard said...

Who me??!?! well it is nice to know that someone else hasnt forgotten about the house pics.. Ill tell you what, I will get the house cleaned up on Sunday and take pics either Sunday or Monday! Promise! These of course are mostly all before pics also, because I haven't done JACK in the house! LOL! Well a few things, but not as much as I had wanted at this point! Its just now getting cool enough to open the windows and to be able to paint. So this will give me a good opportunity to take some before pics. :) Actually I think I have some landscaping ones I can post before/after's. ;)

Christina said...

No pressure, but yeah, I'm one of those people who have been not only wondering about how you guys are doing, but also what your new house looks like. I bet it will all come together very soon Heather, give yourself some grace!

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