Sunday, September 19, 2010

school boy

So in my blog neglect, I haven't even touched on poor second child Sawyer's starting pre-K
preschool... over two weeks ago! His actual first day was the day we closed on our house, with our final pre-closing walkthru at 8am... so we took pictures in front of our apartment before taking SJ to school....

and then got to take pictures of the First Day Boy in front of our new house(!) before we had to scoot on to his drop off:

Sawyer LOVES school! He was so excited to go because he did so love preschool last year and we've been in to see his classroom here and meet his teachers a couple of times in the last few weeks before class started. I'm thoroughly impressed with this school and the director and love love love his teachers. As does he.
He goes two days a week from 9 to 2, so it's a long day but he's loving that he gets to bring a lunch everyday "just like Savannah!". I wasn't thrilled with full days, but that's kind of how things roll around here (kindergarten is full day too), and turns out we all love it. He's wiped out at the end of the day, but he's having a great time and already learning a ton. I love our conversations on the drive home... he's excited to tell me everything they did that day (which is so different than Savannah ever was) and all about their music class and their PE time and cooking projects and art and Bible stories... he was anxious to quiz me on whether I knew how many books are in the Bible and pleased as punch when he could tell me. They've picked apples off apple trees on the property, they're watching pumpkins grow in the garden, we have a field trip to a farm next week, they earn marbles by being good listeners and good helpers and he's already been invited to a playdate and a birthday party.

He told me after the first week of school, "We're have to learn how to say 'Yes Ma'am' at school to our teachers. It's kinda hard for me 'cuz I forget to say it."
I told him it's something he'll probably hear a lot down here and it's a good thing to say a lot of the time because it's good southern manners. I told him he was welcome to practice at home and we could start saying Yes Ma'ams and No Ma'ams all the time to help him get in the habit.
His reply:
"Um, no thanks mom. I think that should just be a school thing." :)


Debbie said...

Oh, Sawyer is such a cutie! I love the Southern manners and accents! Tell Sawyer, he will become a Southern gentleman in no time and he should keep all the 'school things' he learns at school going on at home as well because the ladies (well, girls, too) just love them and find them so hard to resist! Give him a big hug and kiss from us!
Love, Grandma Debbie (Mom)

Anonymous said...

I had a student from West Virginia in my Nebraska classroom and he said "yes ma'am" to me and I found that it softened my heart toward him EVERY time (and toward everyone else too!) Love those southern manners. I also learned that when someone says, "Bless your heart." It really means something else most of the time. : ) Glad things are getting settled, Sarah P.

LeeAnn Howard said...

Being raised in SC, I grew up with yes/no ma'am and sir. We have actually been teaching Lukas this for awhile now too. Although we only really use it when he has to show respect. Like when we ask him, "Do you understand me?" He usually having to say "Yes sir". And does a pretty good job remembering too. :)

Mom said...

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE those cheezy smiles! And aren't you thankful they love school so much?!XOXOXOXOXO

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