Sunday, August 1, 2010


We all know it's a fact that things (read: house showings) happen at only the most inopportune times. At least in my world this is true. This is being proved to me more each and every day.

We've been out of town two out of the last three weeks.
First weekend, -after not having anyone look at our home for almost three weeks- we had houseguests here for four days putting five extra people in our house and just my luck, we get called for three separate showings. The last one being as we were trying to recoop house from said houseguests, do laundry and not only pack up to get out of town that afternoon, but of course have the house show ready while we're gone. Of course having a time limit on that made it even more fun!

Then, while we're gone all week?... While we're all out of the house and it's perfectly spic and span just waiting for potential buyers to come thru?.... nada.

Next we see no showings for almost two weeks.
And last weekend as we're cleaning up and packing up to leave town again? Gee whad'ya know guess who has to scramble to have that cleaned up/leave town time bumped up again for a showing??

And while we're again gone all week, house is spotless and empty and ready and waiting... no lookers at. all.

We're home this weekend and had another family coming thru town and were happy to have them crash here for the night to break up the road trip with thier four kids Friday night. Just as we're finishing up a nice big lazy breakfast with our friends and the kids are all running around making messes enjoying each other, guess who calls bright and early Saturday morning with a client who wants to see the house?? Of course they do.

We let our house listing expire yesterday with the end of the month.
We are most likely signing with a new agent tonight to get a fresh start and new energy breathed into this situation. So for about the next 36 hours or so our house is technically not listed at all.
I was doing dishes after lunch today and sighed to myself feeling relaxed thinking,
Wow, this is the first day in over five months that I don't have to worry about getting that call... I don't have to wonder if at any moment I'll have to rush around making sure everything is just right and round up the kids out of the house... wow, this is so nice!

And I am not kidding you, I just made that realization and smiled to myself about it and not 10 minutes later the phone rings.
The people who looked at our house yesterday are highly interested and wanted to come thru it again this afternoon. Even though the listing expired and the call to the listing office didn't go through, they tracked down our realtor and really want to come back today.
Now, this information makes me extremely happy... that is great news and nothing but encouraging, but seriously? Seriously?? Are you kidding me with the timing all the time?????

Needless to say, I would love for this to be a great chuckle to look back on reflecting over the time that we finally sold our house! So, fingers crossed that I don't have to share anymore of these ironic the-universe-is-against-me-timing-stories after today.... :)


Tracy said...

Heather praying that this is it!!! What an answer to your prayers over options..... I thought about how sad my girls will be real soon when Savannah won't be here to play with. Who else would love to sit around and write a newspaper while everyone else is running around. Sammy even though he is much older will miss his little sidekick Sawyer. He really enjoys having that younger brother that is old enough to play catch with. Prayers that your decision is made real easy for you. Of course we will miss having you guys around!

Heidi said...

Hoping this is the one...FINALLY! You guys have been in my thoughts a lot the last few weeks. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Having been a "said houseguest" and understanding a little of what you are dealing with, I really really pray that this is IT!! Enough already right?! So sorry for you, Sarah Pearson

Michelle Leigh said...

I hear ya Heather. We are in the same boat! We hadn't had showings for almost 3 weeks, none during our vacay when it would have been a good time and now we are back in the swing again. I know that horrible feeling when you get that call though, but after 3 weeks of nothing, I'm finally, just finally grateful for those calls. I want this to end and for your sanity I hope this is the end for you so good luck! Sending good vibes your way!

Mom said...

What a blessing it would be, not only because of what you have been going thru,but ALL of us, with mom/grandma!God is faithful!And HE has quite a(strange???) sense of humor!XOXOXOXOXO

Erin said...

praying praying praying that they make an offer today. That it is a wonderful offer. That you can quickly find a home you love in Nashville. That the kids can finally stop living in limbo land with school. That you can be a family again!

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